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November 29, 2015

Our favorite things: 8 - 11 months

I've been meaning to write a post like this for some time -- I'm always interested to know what products both moms and kids love, so I wanted to share some of our favorites these days. Archie is so close to turning 1, but since he was 8 months old or so, he's had a few toys he's been totally drawn to. And as a mother, there are some products that have made my life so much easier that I want to share as well! 

1. Little Blue Truck -- Archie LOVES this book. He reaches for it whenever it's nearby. It must been the words and the way we read them -- "BEEP says the truck!" but I would definitely say it's his favorite right now. 

2.  Hevea Panda Teether -- a great natural teether that soothes Archie immediately when he feels the need to chew on something.

3. Jellycat tail books -- these have been great books since Archie was a baby. When Archie was little, he loved to hold them because they crinkle, and as he grew, he appreciated all the different tails! He loves to touch the different textures, and of course, he loves to chew on them, too. Ha! Bonus: they come with a little velcro loop that makes them handy to attach to strollers, carriers and car seats.

4. Merino Sleep Sacks -- beautifully well made and made of the best fabrics to keep your baby warm, Merino sleep sacks are snuggly and keep baby safe while asleep. We've gone through several kinds of sleep sacks, and these are by far the best. 

5. Joovy Walker -- once Archie started to get the urge to crawl, we put him in a walker and he was instantly hooked! He loves to zoom around downstairs -- he smiles and giggles the whole time. I think it makes him feel independent! He's learning how to walk, which is just around the corner for him I'm sure. There are many on the market, but I love the lines and clean design of this Joovy walker.

6.  Green Toys -- Archie loves anything with wheels -- what is it about some boys who seem to be pre-wired to love trucks, cars and other traditional "boy" toys?! I like Green Toys because they're made from recycled material but are environmentally safe and made really well, too. We bought Archie the school bus for Christmas -- I can't wait to see him play with it!

7. Hungry Caterpillar bath toys -- something I never realized before I was a mom is that most bath toys double as awesome teethers. Archie always reaches for the caterpillar in this set -- it must be the way it's designed; it makes it easy for him to hold and chew. Of course, Sophie is worth her weight in gold, but bath toys are a close second! And they're fun in the bath tub, too, of course.

8. 4Moms Playard -- I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- the 4Moms Playard is the BEST. It's easy to set up with one step, so it's easy to move throughout the house on a whim. We've added the playard to our daily morning routine -- we nurse, eat breakfast, play downstairs while I clean up the kitchen, then we go upstairs to our shared space. Archie plays for 20-30 minutes in his playard, and I answer emails and start the day's work next to him at my desk. It's been a wonderful tool to help me get a few tasks finished while he plays happily and safely, contained -- ha! He's into everything these days!

That's our list for now. I'd love any recs you may have for things we can get Archie for the future -- feel free to comment with any toy or baby item that you're loving right now!  -- Natty

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