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November 11, 2015

Fall Family Photos 2015

Hey, remember that time I used to blog a few times a week? In the midst of mommy-ing at home full-time and working part-time, blogging definitely has fallen by the wayside. But every once in awhile I pop my head in to this little corner of my world and write an update. (Instagram is where I mini-blog these days -- isn't that what Instagram is?!) 

Monica Leavell recently snapped a few photos of our family at the Founders Garden -- a beautiful "secret" spot on UGA's North Campus. (Caroline Singletary took photos of us this same time last year when my belly was reeeally big! Oh, how time flies.) 

I love these photos...especially the ones of Archie. She perfectly captured his little laughs and his tiny teeth showing through! And his crinkly toes and bird feathery hair. Sometimes I look at photos like these and feel such a tugging at my heart. The days at home really do feel long, but this first year feels quite short in retrospect. What's up with that? It's strange how you can feel both at the same time. But I scroll back through Archie's baby photos and I can't believe he used to be so different, so little and so small (well, small for HIM, anyway). I love this little man more than I could ever have imagined. His personality is really shining through these days, and I feel excited for what's in store for us next...his first birthday is just around the corner!

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