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September 7, 2015

Must-haves for a beach vacation with baby

At the end of July, my family and I went to the beach -- Archie's first vacation to our favorite summer spot, Isle of Palms! It's been our go-to getaway for years, and this year my mom, dad, brother and his fiance decided to join us. I will say, going to the beach with family members is a huuuuge help when traveling with a baby. And it's more fun, right?! The more, the merrier. 

Before leaving, I scoured Pinterest and bugged my friends for tips and tricks about traveling to the beach with Archie. Here's what worked for us, and what I recommend to anyone going on vacation with a 6-9 month old:

  1. Classic Sesame Street: Archie has never been a big fan of traveling in the car, so I knew I had to sit with him and keep him entertained unless we wanted to listen to a screaming baby for the duration of the trip. I'm not exactly on board with shoving a smart device or TV in front of my baby, but desperate times call for desperate measures. When playing, singing and Puffs would no longer work, I busted out a little old-school Sesame Street -- the nostalgic part of me loves the old episodes, and Archie loved them, too! I downloaded a couple of episodes to my iPad before we left, and they worked like a charm when nothing else would make him happy in the car.
  2. Banz Swimwear: I love these one-piece swim suits for babies. They are lightweight, cover 90% of their bodies, and dry fairly quickly. Most come with matching hats. 
  3. We love Aveeno Baby sunscreen. Goes on thick, rubs in well, protects and smells nice, too!
  4. The Mamas and Papas Snug is wonderful to travel with as a highchair, and it doubles as a play seat as well. I like this seat over a Bumbo because the insert can come out and give a bigger/older baby more room, so it grows with the baby and lasts longer.
  5. We traveled with this Summer Infant tub because it folds up and was easy to pack. It can double as a beach play pool as well.
  6. We let Archie sleep with the Homedics sound machine at home, so it was a must to bring on vacation, too. Being in tight quarters with our family meant that we didn't have to be careful about noise when we let Archie sleep with this in our room, and we could sneak in and out without waking him up!
  7. Johnson's Baby Powder is great with getting sand off baby in quickly and effortlessly.
  8. These KidCo "Go-Pod" travel seats are great for play on the beach and off!
  9. We bought this exact blow up splash pad for Archie from Babies R Us for about $10, and it was the best $10 I've ever spent. The back support helps baby sit up, and the amount of water that goes on the splash pad is just enough for them to play in and keep them cool on the beach. Archie loved it!
  10. Since the 4Moms Breeze Playard only requires one simple step to open it up, it's the best pack and play on the market, in my opinion. It's super easy to move room-to-room, comfortable for Archie to sleep in, and it packs up well for travel, too. We never leave home without it!
So in a nutshell, this is what made our lives easier at the beach this year. I'm sure next year will be a whole new ballgame! Hopefully he'll grow out of hating the car so much by then...?!

Happy Labor Day weekend, y'all! Travel safe and have fun! -- Natty

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