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May 22, 2015

It's been awhile

This is by far the longest I've ever gone without blogging. Blame it on the fact that I have a 5 month old (when did that happen?!), I'm sleep deprived, I'm trying to keep up a business, oh, and I'm sleep deprived. I started this post over a month ago when Archie turned 4 months old, and I never finished it! Life is busy...but in a really good way. 

So just like that, Archie is 5 months old -- actually, almost 6 months old! I look at him all the time and wonder at the skills and milestones he's learning and passing every day. Time is flying fast, and at the same time, it's standing still. That makes absolutely no sense at all, but my fellow mamas probably get what I'm talking about. It's amazing how long some days feel and how on other nights, I flop onto the couch, Archie asleep in his crib upstairs, and I think, what happened today?! It's a roller coaster ride, but one I never want to get off of. I love this munchkin!

These days Archie is sitting up (almost), teething like a madman (two bottom teeth popped in last week, and now one on the top is coming in, too!), and he's starting to giggle -- but we have to work for those giggles. Meaning, James and I look absolutely ridiculous trying to get a laugh out of him. Ha! Good times.

Last Sunday was Archie's baptism, and we -- almost -- had the whole family attend on both sides. It was the sweetest day. This little boy is loved so much! Wait for the song in the video below -- the whole family was a teary mess. 

Sweet Archie! 

I do still to check in here from time-to-time, but you know, micro blogging over at Instagram is all the rage these days. I tend to post a lot more about what I'm doing over there these days, if you want to come say hi

Until next time, blogland! -- Natty

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  1. "Parenthood: The days are long but the years are short" So true!


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