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March 5, 2015

Archie's birth announcement + a baby update

Archie's birth announcement

Our Archie is almost 3 months old! Some days move slowly, sometimes they fly by. But no matter what kind of day I'm having, when I scroll back through my photos from the last several weeks my heart aches. This boy is growing by leaps and bounds every day, and he's already changed so much! I'm trying to enjoy each stage as much as possible. 

These days Archie is grasping and batting at his toys, baby babbling (the best) and he even rolled over last week! Crazy. He weighed 16 pounds and measured 26 inches at his two month check-up. He's a big, strong boy with lots of personality.
I am looking forward to him sitting up and being able to play just a little bit more. Or maybe I'm just ridiculously excited to set up a play room for him. We've almost got his nursery finished, and I'm looking forward to sharing that here soon, too! 

Archie still doesn't sleep through the night...although he's teased us with a couple of 6-8 hour stretches. Then he goes back to waking up twice in the night with 3 hours stretches of sleep (on a good night. Sometimes we barely hit 2.5 hours). So far we can't find a rhyme or reason why there's been so much back and forth because we stick to a routine. Who knows? I know the lack of sleep thing won't last forever, so I'm trying to push through it the best I can. But man. Mama's tired.

Sweet baby boy. (I look so rested, right?! HA)

Maybe one of my favorite things about Archie right now is how much of a morning baby he is. No matter how rough the night was, when he wakes up in the morning he just sits and coos or grunts in his bassinet until I wake up and peer over the side at him. The minute he sees my face he just smiles and smiles. I can't tell you how happy it makes me! Then my second favorite is when I unswaddle him and he throws his arms over his head in the biggest baby stretch. Ahhh, that face -- amiright?!

As we approach three months, I think about how far we've come over the past several weeks. I'm not gonna lie, some of those days were very hard, but we pushed through and we're seeing the light. I think all new parents go through that "initiation" period when you're trying to find out how to sleep, how to figure out baby's cries, how to cope with feedings, etc. Throw in a rough winter and Archie's bought with RSV and you have a few more cogs thrown in the wheel, but thankfully he's healthy and happy and of course, things could always be worse! We're so lucky to have this little boy in our lives, and I can't imagine our days without him. We love you, Archie!

I'm currently working on a post of "4th trimester must-haves" that I'll be sharing here soon. I love these kinds of posts from other mamas and find them to be super helpful, so I wanted to put together a list of my own. I'm always curious to know what products, toys and books other mothers love for babies at various stages, so please feel free to share in the comments below if you have any tips or advice! 

Oh, and if you have any baby sleeping tips, please, for the love, spill those, too.  ;) -- Natty

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  1. Girl, get thee to a bookstore and buy 'healthy sleep habits, happy child.' It has cliff notes for the sleep deprived. The first three or four months are TOUGH, but hang in there! You're doing great!

  2. Hey there! We LOVE Moms on Call, and it was a huge help in getting my little one to sleep through the night. We did baths ~5x per week to just create a routine, but not totally dry out her skin. And we moved her to her own crib in her own room at 5 weeks. That was a HUGE help for both of us. We both slept so much better. I also lessened the amount she drank in the middle of the night, so she'd learn to drink more during the day and sleep at night. It gets so much easier at 3 months. It really does.

    1. Hi, Ashley! I'm a fan of MOC, too. We JUST moved Archie to his own room in a crib, and I think that's going to help, too. We have a blackout shade in his room that we just installed, and I'm sure that will help him sleep better.

      Thanks for the tips and words of encouragement!! xo

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