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December 3, 2014

Gifts for Him + Her 2014

It's my favorite time of year! I know it's not all about what's under the tree, but I have to admit, I have fun finding the perfect gift for the people I love at Christmas -- store bought and handmade. My mom and I always go out for Black Friday shopping (but not in the middle of the night!). I can't believe I even went this year since I waddle instead of walk. My feet didn't look too hot when the day was over, but I scored some great loot, so we'll call it a win. I've been hitting up the local craft markets as well, and I'm half-hoping Archie stays put long enough so I can go by the Indie South Fair and possibly score a few more handmade goodies in town this weekend. (But then again, he can come early if he'd like. That would be fine!) Here are some of my favorite things this year for the ladies and the guys. What are you gifting to your loved ones this Christmas?

1. Custom Family iPhone Case by My Little Buffalo; $30.00+ // 2. Fine Art Prints by Emily Jeffords; $25.00 // 3. SMEG Mixer (it's so beautiful!); $449.95 // 4. Rosie Jane Candle Votive Set (and you can use the votives as glassware later!); $38.00 // 5. Technicolor S&P Shakers; $30.00 // 6. Simplified Planner by Emily Ley; $58.00 // 7. Wine Book Tote by Emily McDowell; $20.00 // 8. Rubber Stamps by yours truly! $18.00 - $55.00 // 9. Waring Milk Shake and Drink Mixer; $159.95 // 10. Digging the new white Keurig; $119.00 //

1. Monocle Speaker, $49.99 // 2. "This Place" screen print by Old Try, $42.00 // 3. Wide Angle lens for iPhone, $22.00 // 4. Mini Beer Pong; $75.00 // 5. FRYKAT Picnic Grill; $68.00 // 6. 4-Port USB travel charger, $29.99 // 7. Bow ties by Forage; $78.00 // 8. Leather Key Fob, $37.00 // 9. Beard Pack; $39.99 // 10. Buffalo check throw by C. Wonder; $68.00 //


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, friend! Happy holidays!

  2. Great ideas!!! :) I'm a big fan of planners!


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