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October 21, 2014

Our Maternity Photos

Last week a friend of mine, Caroline Singletary, snapped a few maternity photos at the Founders Garden for us. Caroline had to talk me into the shoot -- I wasn't all in at first. I was planning on having her come to the hospital to snap Archie's first photos, and I've hired my other friend Kaitie for a newborn/nursery shoot early next year, but maternity pictures weren't high on my list. I'm beyond thankful for this life that's growing inside of me, but I don't exactly feel like modeling in front of a camera lens right now with my puffy feet and big ol' belly (and tush!). Caroline talked me into it, though. She said I'd regret it if I didn't have a few photos to document this special time...and after thinking about it for a minute, I thought maybe she was right. I'm glad I listened to her -- these photos will be treasured by us forever. Thanks, Caroline!

It's hard to believe we only have 7 weeks until Archie makes his debut. We can't wait! Until then, the belly will continue to grow...


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