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October 29, 2014

My Fave Registry Option -- Babylist

Have y'all heard of Babylist? I recently registered with them, and I think it's such a great alternative to the traditional registry. I was running into a problem with lots of big box stores as I shopped around for what I'd like for Archie -- I liked a few things at Target, a couple at Pottery Barn, and some items I wanted were only sold through Amazon. But it would be crazy to have a million registries with just a few items on each one! Babylist is the perfect solution: you can register for anything on the web from any store and add it to one list. My list included items from Target, 4moms, Amazon, Etsy, Bla Bla -- even Zappos! (Zappos carries the diaper bag I want!) You can even register for things like meals after the baby is born, prenatal massages or babysitting. It's super easy -- kind of like pinning. And as y'all may know, I'm really good at pinning.

I created an inspiration registry with many of the goodies I've registered for and already love here, if you care to see. All I need is the munchkin to add to the mix! So, in short: Babylist rocks. Check it out and consider making one of your own if you have a bambino on the way.

In partnership with Babylist. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own. I really do think Babylist is awesome, and I really did create a real registry through their site! 

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