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October 8, 2014


Well, apparently I couldn't keep away from this space for too long. The other night while James was at work and I was half-watching Cops on TV (my newest guilty pleasure), I decided to finally update my blog tabs at the top of the page. I finally have a link list of my most popular posts -- yay! I also added a tab for "our first house" and I'm in the process of updating it with old posts and pictures so we can always remember our little cottage near downtown. I'm not going to lie, it was a little sad for me to go through those photos. We made so many great memories there, and even more with family and friends. It will always have a piece of my heart!

As you can see by the bump I'm Archie's getting bigger and bigger every day! I'm 31 and a half weeks along. Some random bullets about the last few weeks:
  • I've finally found some great maternity clothing websites; two favorites are Pink Blush Maternity and Heritwine Maternity. I've bought dresses from both and I'm super pleased with the prices, styles and quality. The above dress is by Pink Blush. 
  • I've finished registering for baby gear! It was a little overwhelming for me to research products (why are there so many strollers and car seats out there?!) so I enlisted the a few mommy friends to help. One of our registries is with -- have you heard of them? It is the coolest site! I'm currently writing a post to share how awesome it is with y'all. More soon.
  • Lately I've experienced light cramping a few times, which my doctor thinks are Braxton Hicks. It was scary at first, but I feel better knowing that it's normal. When I feel these coming on, I get up and walk around and drink a little water and they go away. I need Archie to cook a bit longer before he makes his debut! How early did some of you feel Braxton Hicks?
  • Did you know your insurance company might provide you with a free breast pump under Obamacare? This was brought to my attention by friends and we were thrilled to know we qualified for one after we contacted our insurance company. One more big ticket item off the list! Thanks, Obama.
  • I've had horrible heart burn; I've been lucky to never have suffered from it before in my life until now. Bring on the Tums.
  • It's been fun collecting what I can for Archie's space in our apartment. There isn't a ton of room, like I've touched on before, but that doesn't mean he can't have a few cute things waiting on him when he arrives!
...Which brings me to my recent visit to Bla Bla in Atlanta:

A few weeks ago I was in my old neighborhood, Virginia-Highland, and I stopped by the cutest shop on earth, Bla Bla. Their shop is a dream -- the light is fantastic, and all of their products are displayed so perfectly -- it was impossible not to buy something the minute I stepped inside. But choosing wasn't easy, folks. Look at all these loveys!

It was a really tough call between the magician rabbit (James's favorite), the fox, the raccoon and the sheep. If I could've left with them all, I would have. I decided on the sheep, though, because he goes best with the nursery decor and is a sweet lovey for a baby (and works well for both future Kilgore boys and girls! Never too early to think ahead.)

I couldn't leave without one of Bla Bla's new pretzel rattles, too. They really nailed the color schemes of them all, but I especially love the colors in this one.

In other nursery news, I stopped by a local antique shop the other day and stumbled across this beauty:

The photos I snapped don't do it justice! Whoever painted it did a beautiful job -- the blues and purples of the sky and greens in the grass and trees are stunning in person. However...I'm not the biggest fan of the rabbits. They're cute, but I decided a little too "baby" for my taste. The piece didn't have a price tag, so I left my name and number. I still haven't heard from the owner, so I'm assuming it's not for's probably best I keep assuming that -- ha! I'm afraid if the price is right, I might go and do something completely insane like buy it and stuff it into our already over-crowded apartment. 

I think if I bought it, I wouldn't use it for the nursery, but for my office instead. I could use something like this to organize shop products and shipping supplies -- things that don't easily fit inside the cubbies in my mail sorter. 

I know, I know, the rabbits would look odd in my studio. But I have this crazy idea that maybe I'd muster up the courage to paint primer over them (sorry, rabbits!) and continue the colors of the sky, grass and trees to fill in the empty spaces. Something like this:

Photoshop magic! If only it were this easy. What do you guys think about the armoire and the rabbits? Do you think I'm crazy for wanting to paint over them?

And last but not least, our fur child is starting to get suspicious of the UPS man and all the toys, books and stuffed animals her mommy is dragging home these days. I keep wondering if she's going to feel Archie kick when she's laying on me, but she doesn't seem to notice. James and I have no idea how she'll react in December to a miniature human entering our family...I hope they'll become fast friends. Any advice, fur parents out there? Bianca doesn't have the best history with children, but in her defense, she's been cornered a few times and I think it freaks her out to be on the same level as tiny people. Hopefully everything will work out just fine if we give it a little time and ease her into the change!

I hope you guys have a great Thursday. Maybe I'll even be back tomorrow with a link-up post (I've missed those a lot lately). Until then! -- Natty


  1. You are adorable and look fantastic! So jealous that you were able to visit their store. Our little girl LOVES her cat! And y'all are moving? or did move or something like that? Congrats. Way behind on my blog reading. Glad you are well and you look great.

  2. I'm so happy you're using BabyList!! I'm the founder. You can email me anytime at


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