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September 4, 2014


Oh hey, September! How did that happen? I'm so happy that fall and cooler weather is almost here. Fall is my favorite season. I feel like summer let us off pretty easy this year in the south -- there have only been a few days here and there that were unbearably hot. Most days have been mild, which has been kind to my ever-growing belly. Little man is making himself known in there and kicking up a storm. It's kind of the best feeling, even when they're really more "jabs" than polite little kicks. I feel like I've gotten off relatively easy with this pregnancy so far -- I got sick only once, no major pains, no swelling (yet). But I'm about to turn the corner where baby starts growing like crazy, so I'll get back to you on how great I feel later in the last trimester. Ha! 

This time in limbo at our apartment has been interesting. We are on top of each other here with all of our stuff, and if I'm going to be honest, it often feels a little suffocating. Not to complain, because our situation is far from dire and definitely great when you think about things in the long-term. I'm thankful we found a nice, safe apartment to rent in such a short time. But I'm a person who's at home a lot since I work here as well, so I enjoy living in a comfortable place with spaces to decorate and renovate. At our apartment there isn't really any room to do either -- ha! Does anyone else feel me on this? I'm a visual person who needs her surroundings to feel inspiring to feel happy. I have the urge to feed my need to be creative. I look at other bloggers like Liz who have made a rental just as beautiful as the previous home she owned, and I'd love to do the same but I rarely get the kick to do anything around here. Maybe it's because I know it's so temporary. I'm getting my decor fix by looking ahead and thinking of how I'll spruce up our new house early next year. I dropped by Avid Bookshop in town the other day and picked up this new book by the girls of A Beautiful Mess -- it is so fantastic! Home decor/DIY books are hit-or-miss a lot of the time, but this one is truly a winner. These girls are forever my blog heroes. 

It'll be fun after we move when we start unpacking and find little gems that haven't been seen in awhile. We met with our builder again a couple of weeks ago and finished picking out big things like granite, flooring and tile. We stayed in budget, which was a huge relief! I'm looking forward to getting everything finalized and sharing more here soon. We drove by our lot the other night and were super excited to see that they've started clearing the land to build in the next week or two. I looked around and truly felt a sense of home. I know we'll be really happy there. 

In the meantime, I'm staying busy over here with work and projects to fill up the last couple of months before I plan to take a leave pre-baby in November. My goal is to roll out a few new products for fall -- new notecard designs, a mug design or two (!), and of course, stamps. Stamps are kind of my most favorite thing to design. I love a good stamp. Recently I illustrated a few cityscapes of places in Georgia -- Atlanta, Athens and Marietta -- and made address stamps out of them. I just received the samples in the mail a couple of days ago, and I plan to share those on social media today and tomorrow and host a giveaway to spread the word. Cities that are on my to-do list for later: Nashville, Austin, Chicago and New York. Time to get busy!

I hope you guys are having a great week. More tomorrow! xo -- Natty

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  1. Okay so I haven't been blogging in months....BUT I have been following your blog for some time now. Just realized you are PREGNANT! Congrats! So excited for you!


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