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August 18, 2014


Over the weekend I saw some of my best friends and favorite little people. My friend Pana recently had a baby boy and this summer has been so insane that I haven't been able to make the drive and see them to meet the little guy. He is so cute and chunky and sweet! I can't believe I will have a bundle of my own to hold and squeeze and love on as much as I want to in just a few months. It's totally surreal. How is summer almost over?

In other news, my baby bump is getting rather rotund. A lady at the post office last week seemed amazed that I was just 23 weeks along (I'm 24 weeks today!) -- but I took her surprise (gawking?) in stride. Honestly, I've wanted this bump and little one for so long that I could care less about how "big" I look right now. I want to keep the rest of my body in check as much as possible, of course, but the bump can stay. I'm proud of this baby growing inside of me.

Plus, from what friends tell me, the crazy comments from strangers (and probably loved ones, too) will keep coming as I get bigger. I'm going to try to have as much of a sense of humor about it as possible.

Big 23-week baby bump!

I hope you had a great weekend! This week I'm looking forward to spending a little time with the Mister (we're driving up to Cherokee tonight/tomorrow for some quick fun at Harrahs -- yee haw!) and we have a meeting with our builder this Wednesday to go over the house plans and get started building. This is all in the middle of working on client projects, of course. I have some new products I'm going to be rolling out this fall, too, and I'm really excited about them! Looking forward to sharing more soon.

xo -- Natty

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