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August 9, 2014

A little life update

Hello! The blog hiatus post move was a lot longer than I wanted it to be. Living in a college town also means that when you move at the beginning of the fall semester with the rest of the kiddos, you have to wait about a week for Internet and TV to be installed. It hasn't been pretty. You don't realize how much you're addicted dependent on the Internet (and the Real Housewives) until they're gone. I practically hugged the AT&T guy at the door yesterday! We're anxiously awaiting our bill to see exactly how much data I blew through this week on my phone. Yikes. 

A lot has happened in two weeks. Thanks to my parents, the move went as smoothly as it was going to go in such a short time. James happened to be working nights for 2 weeks straight, and of course, I'm pregnant and feel blah and tired and can't lift hardly anything to help -- so my mom and dad were life savers. My mom came up to help me pack the week before the move, and they came up again last weekend to help us shift all our junk from point A to point B with the aid of one of James's brothers. My in-laws brought us lunch, which was sweet. We're in a three bedroom apartment, but one of the rooms is floor to ceiling boxes, aka a "storage unit." Opening the door to that room literally gives me an anxiety attack, so I'm trying to pretend it doesn't exist. Ha. Otherwise, we're settling in really nicely, and Bianca is actually adjusting really well (I was worried about her!) Of all things, she seems to be obsessed with the carpet. It's fluffy and long and basically like a big giant bed for her. She cracks us up -- she'll collapse in the middle of the floor and roll around on her back, stretch out and fall asleep with her arms over her head. Maybe I should consider her when picking out the upstairs carpet for the new house. 

Speaking of the new house, we had our first meeting with the builder and designer on Thursday! We are really excited. Of course, practically everything I picked out is considered an "upgrade," so we're waiting on the list of damages to see what needs to be crossed off the list to stay in budget. Apparently I have expensive taste -- who knew? I'm looking forward to sharing more with you guys here about the whole process soon.

In baby news, little man is kicking up a storm in my belly. Sometimes it feels like he's doing big cartwheels in there. It is the coolest, best feeling -- even when he kicks so hard that it makes me gasp. We got a 3D ultrasound at our 20 week visit, and they were so clear. I feel like we got a really good picture of him. He is kinda cute, if I do say so myself:

Random bullet points about the last several weeks of this pregnancy:
  • I don't know if I'm actually craving anything, considering I tend to crave things regularly when I'm not pregnant. I want all the usual "bad" stuff: pizza, Chicfila biscuits, Waffle House. Yikes. 
  • I've been lucky to only have had one bought of morning sickness. It was brought on by the smell of sausage cooking. The sickness came quickly, and it subsided just as quickly. I feel fortunate that's only happened once to me (at 18 weeks, no less!)
  • My dreams are super WEIRD. Like, really disturbing and sometimes terrifying. Apparently during pregnancy you rarely hit REM sleep, so you tend to remember your dreams when you wake up -- unfortunately. I can't even share half of my dreams here, because you would probably start to wonder about me. Sometimes I wake up and wonder about myself. Only a couple of them have been about babies -- most are about family and friends or about me being chased by Steve Buscemi in a 1920s model-T car (Boardwalk Empire influenced, I'm sure). And trust me, that's the most normal weird dream I've had in the last few months.
  • Sleep in general has been difficult lately. I wake up around 3 or 4 every morning, wide awake, unable to go back to sleep. Sometimes I'm hungry, and other times I'm just wired. I get up and read or surf Pinterest until I feel drowsy enough to go back to sleep again.
  • My old clothes officially don't fit anymore. Even my shift dresses won't even fit over my boobs. Nice. Currently trying to find a maternity line that isn't totally bleak online. I'm not too impressed with what little I've found out there. Suggestions, anyone? 
  • I've crossed over that awkward line with strangers of "Is she pregnant, or does she just have a beer gut?" It's nice when people confidently ask me how far along I am, or a waitress says, "Well, I guess you won't be having wine tonight!" I'm happy my belly finally looks like a pregnant belly. 
  • And speaking of my belly, it's growing! And so are my ladies. They're a little bit National Geographic. Yeow.
  • I'll be 23 weeks Monday. 

Bianca and The Bump.

Anyway, I wanted to give those of you who check in here a little update and an apology for being away so long. I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things this week. Have a great weekend! -- Natty


  1. You're such a cutie! Sweet baby bump :) Check out Hatch Collection! I didn't discover them until after I was pregnant with Hudson but I have some friends and bloggers I follow who've worn their pieces and make 'em look real cute.

    1. Ah -- yes, I have heard of them but totally forgot! I will go check them out now. Thanks, friend!

  2. I second Hatch, also Mamas & Papas maternity clothes (they also make baby gear) and I just ordered a few pieces from Zulily too. Also never underestimate Gap/Old Navy - you can order online (generally if you already know your size in their clothes its the same for maternity clothes) AND they pretty much always have a sale going on. Great for basics!


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