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July 16, 2014

Art for the nursery

So I have a recurring life problem. I have a history of buying things (especially at thrift stores) that I don't really have a place for right now...but that I might have a place for in the future. The good news is that I know it's a problem, and I feel like I'm way better than I used to be. Having a booth at an antique mall helps! It also helps when you're considering moving and need to use any closet space for the new family member that's making his debut in just 4.5 months. I've been in major purge mode lately. It feels good. 

I also love buying art for the house. Pinning art inspiration for the nursery has been no exception. I already shared a little bit of what I'm thinking nursery-wise, but the art is far from decided yet. There are so many pretty, cool things out there that I'd love to see in this room!

Here are some of my favorites right now:

1. As I shared in my first nursery design post, this quail family print by Berkley Illustration is the best. It's quirky and fun and really coordinates with the other neutral tones of the room.

2. "Wandering in the Summerlands" print by Emily Jeffords. I recently learned of Emily's work, and I'm obsessed. I've always had a thing for cloud paintings, and I think baby may just need to appreciate them, too.

3. "Cats in Hats" by Katie Viggers. Because we love cats, and really, who wouldn't love this print?

4. "Kite Hill II" by Paul Octavious. His "Same Hill, Different Day" project is one of my favorites, and I've had my eye on this photograph for a long time. Maybe the baby's room is the perfect place for it?

5. "Let Them be Little" by Life. Love. Paper. Because...yes.

6. This gorgeous script print by Letters and Light Co. I love the quote, and of course, Stuart Little! 

7. I've been a longtime admirer of this vintage Smokey Bear leaf identification poster -- ever since I passed up on it at Goodwill years ago. (What was I thinking?!) I'm currently trying to find it for a decent price on Etsy or eBay and then decide if I really want it or not.

Picking out art for this room is going to be tough. I'd love to scoop up all of the above, but of course, there isn't enough wall space for eventually I'll make a decision. For now, I'm having fun shopping around and choosing favorites. Is there a particular nursery artist / piece that you're a big fan of? Feel free to send suggestions my way!

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  1. So many cute things! The Paul Octavious hill series is one of my favorite projects too! Some of my prints are cute for nurseries- check it out! (my name will link you there!) Also, I love a specific children's illustrator- Sarah Jane Studios. She has adorable stuff.


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