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July 11, 2014

10 Pins for the Weekend

Happy weekend! James and I are trekking back to Nashville to get our baby that radio table, and we're excited to spend some time exploring a new town together. I want to shop, since Lindsay and I didn't get to do too much of that last time, and all James has asked to do is eat some fried chicken. I think that can be accomplished.

I'll be sure to Instagram any amazing finds (!), and I'm bringing my camera with me like a good blogger so I can recap here next week. 

Before I go, here are 10 Pins inspiring me lately:

1. This Montana dinner party tent makes me think of my time at El Capitan Canyon in February. Something like this in Georgia would be death right now (read: sweaty, hot and humid with a lot of bugs), but a girl can dream. 

2. This adorableness via Turblences Deco. 

3. "Weaving Class" with Rachel Denbow over at A Beautiful Mess. I love the colors Rachel uses in her designs! Who'd have thought bubble gum pink and pea green go so well together?

4. + 5. This bathroom design by Eclectically Vintage + this outdoor patio via Better Homes and Gardens. 

6. This sweet toddler reading nook by Joni of Lay Baby Lay. I can't wait to make something like this for baby one day.

7. This magic by Mara Hoffman.

8. + 9. An oversized straw hat (photo by Fernand Fonssagrives) + this bicycle for the beach in August.

10. This amazing "Abc's of Kentucky" print by Robert Bridges. When I stumbled across it last week, I was immediately inspired to make one of Georgia for the nursery...and I quickly realized that if I did it right, maybe adults would want it for themselves, too. With some help of my genius friends (because who the heck can think of an "X" for Georgia?!) I've decided to move forward with this list:

A is for Atlanta Braves
B is for Bulldog
C is for Cherokee Rose
D is for Dogwood
E is for Eastern Tiger Swallowtail (butterfly)
F is for Falcons
G is for Grits
H is for Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport
I is for Indian Springs
J is for Jimmy Carter
K is for King (MLK)
L is for Largemouth Bass
M is for The Masters
N is for Northeast Georgia Mountains
O is for Okfenokee Swamp
P is for Peach
Q is for Quartz
R for Ray Charles
S is for Stone Mountain 
T is for Thrasher
U is for Uncle Remus
V is for Vidalia Onion
W is for Warm Springs
X is for Xavier Roberts' Cabbage Patch Babyland Hospital
Y is for Yellow Jacket
Z is for Zoo Atlanta

Now all I need to do is jump on the project and finish it before the little man arrives, because it's probably going to take me a second to paint all of these images! I'm so into the idea though, and I can't wait to get started...

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend! -- Natty


  1. Ohhhh. Texas next, please?? I would LOVE this for Jonah's big boy room. What a great idea!!

    ps. surprise mail headed your way! :)
    pss. Please go to Franklin, TN on your way into Nashville. I miss it SO!!!

  2. Love this collection of photos! your aesthetic is very similar to mine :)
    (also I can't remember how/when I started following you, but you mentioned El Capitan in February- were you at Field trip too?!)


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