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June 25, 2014

Baby A...or B? The name game.

Hey baby!

We saw the little nugget yesterday at my 16 week check-up -- we weren't expecting to see him, so it was a pleasant surprise and a great gift for James on his birthday! I haven't felt any flutters yet, so going four weeks without seeing him was hard. I've been spoiled with ultrasounds during this pregnancy -- I guess if you're seeing a fertility doctor, they check in with you a lot more often than if you're seeing your regular doctor. But all my worries were pushed aside when we saw this little wiggle worm yesterday! He's looking more and more like a little boy -- legs, arms, toes, a little human profile. It blows my mind to see this life on screen and think, this baby is actually growing inside me. I still can't believe it sometimes. 

James and I are throwing names around, and I think we've settled on two we like -- Beckett and Archer (we'd call him "Archie.") However, the middle name has been decided -- Clyde -- named after my great-grandmother, Dena Clyde. She was like a second mother to my mom, and she lived a long life, passing away when I was in middle school -- so I knew her as well. She was a kind woman, full of life, and we're happy to give her middle name to our son! So, this little guy could be Archer Clyde or Beckett Clyde. I don't want to make any big decision yet because it would be like me to change my mind when we finally meet him in December. We have just 24 weeks to go! 

Have a great hump day! xo -- Natty


  1. Those 24 weeks will FLY by! So so soooo very happy for y'all <3

    1. Thanks, Kimberly!! I hope so. Luca is growing so fast! Hope to see you around town soon.

  2. Love the names!! I think Archie is my favorite :)

    1. Thanks, Rach! Archie gets a lot of "oh, that's cute" reactions from most of the people we've told ;)


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