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May 7, 2014

Treasure Hunting in Asheville

Last weekend James and I got a wild hair and decided to drive to Asheville, North Carolina for the day to do a little treasure hunting in a couple of our favorite spots: The Antique Tobacco Barn and Screen Door. We explored both over two years ago when we first took a weekend trip to Asheville -- hard to believe it was that long ago! We also stopped through Greenville on the way to see Barb Blair's adorable shop, Knack Studio, and take a quick peek. Her shop is so cute, and the pieces she currently has for sale are beautiful! I wanted to take this one home with me, not gonna lie. Too bad for me our car is too small for such a hefty load. 

Lately I've been making a conscious effort to take my camera along with me wherever I go, practicing some of the tips and skills Paige taught me a few weeks ago. Shooting in Manual is challenging, but some of the best places to practice are in antique malls, especially those like the Tobacco Barn that gets its natural light through skylights. Plus, I appreciate the colors and textures of old things, and sometimes a vendor really knows how to put pieces together to make an awesome display -- making it fun to snap photos of them.

Oh, also, James and I met a little shop cat at Screen Door. He wasn't really feeling the pets and love we were throwing his way, but he was pretty cute anyway. 

Everything I found in Asheville was just a bit outside my budget, but it was fun looking. We drove to Cherokee, North Carolina that evening to eat dinner and gamble a little at Harrah's before turning in for the night. We had an awesome time! On the way home the next day, we were lucky to run across a few random antique stores and thrift shops along 441. The prices were much more my style -- low enough where I could make a profit if I wanted to sell something in my booth in Athens. 

Here's what I found:

This gem was less than a bag of chips, and while I absolutely love the colors and the details, (look at that little white bunny!), it's going to the booth for sale. 

I also found this sweet brass family of elephants:

And this awesome, well-preserved 1976 Skipper paper doll (don't you love the retro Barbie illustrations?!) They are the best. There is also a Barbie paper doll inside -- a nice surprise. All of the above are going to the booth, but it's fun to snap a picture to keep and share before passing them along to someone else.

 I really, really love treasure hunting for my booth. I never knew it could be so fun!

Have a great hump day! xo -- Natty

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