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May 13, 2014

The Strawberry Patch Summer Market

Nashville, here I come! My friend Lindsay and I are trekking to the Music City to be vendors in the Strawberry Patch Summer Market, happening June 27 and 28 at 100 Taylor, a warehouse downtown. We are so excited. Of course, this means I have to put my tush in high-gear and crank out some Nashville-themed products over the next several weeks. I'm thinking a Nashville map (finally checking that off the list!) and lots of other Nashville map products, like cellphone cases, letterpress coasters, cards, sticky notes and stamps. Nashville folks -- any ideas? Please pass them my way! I've never been to Nashville, so I'm all ears.

Other ideas on my list to complete before the show: letterpress recipe cards. I need to get these done quickly, because my letterpress class with Margot is over in just a few short weeks! I've had a blast. I wish Thursday nights at Smokey Road could go on forever. 

I hope you all have some Nashville recs for me, and I also hope you all have a great start to your week! -- Natty

PS: Thanks to all of you who entered my house stamp giveaway on Instagram last Friday! I posted the two lucky winners on my Saturday afternoon post. I think I'm going to start giving away goodies on Instagram more often, so stay tuned for more soon.

Photo by The Gingham Owl


  1. I am not overly familiar with Nashville as it is now, but I lived there for a month for my first transplant in 1999. I have gone back to see some bands play over the years. They have an awesome park with a Parthenon replica, a couple of really cool little artsy districts and an area down by the river with shops and coffee places. My main point of commenting is to tell you to eat at Noshville Delicatessen! DO IT! You will not regret it!

    1. The Parthenon is a must for the map!

      Also, Noshville Delicatessen: noted. Thanks, Sarah!

  2. Brunch at 417 Union---Best french toast EVER. Dinner at Pub 5--POUTINE. AMAZING.


    1. Ok so I am going to have to go back for a week considering everyone has given me 134 places I MUST eat! Writing these down. Thanks, Bets!


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