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May 21, 2014


Sorry for the radio silence in this little corner of my world -- it's the last place I want to be neglecting right now, but life has handed me quite a full plate in the last several weeks, and I've been trying to balance it all as best I can. Once again I've bitten off just a little more than I can chew and I've been scrambling to meet tons of work deadlines. It's so hard for me to say no! I always regret rushing orders and agreeing to meet unrealistic  crazy turnaround times, yet I keep putting myself in that position. I'm still learning as I go over here. To make matters a little more hectic, I had several packages stolen off my porch a couple of weeks ago that were work-related and super important. My neighbor just found them on the nature trail behind our houses last weekend, opened and strewn around in the bushes, ruined from recent rains. Cue hand slap to forehead. Besides the fact that I'm a little creeped out that someone came up and took things right off my porch, I needed that stuff badly to fill orders. Pushing back on customers with a longer turnaround time and waiting on new supplies is not too fun. 

But that's enough of my whining. Sometimes life throws you a curveball or two, but it's nothing catastrophic I suppose. As James would say -- first world problems. And in the midst of a little chaos these past several weeks, life is good right now...I can't complain! 

Everyone's vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram are making me twitch. I would die to be on a beach right now with a good book covered in sunscreen (right?!) I think this weekend I will go purchase a pool pass to the public pool and soak up a few rays to quench my thirst for a little vitamin D. Doesn't that sound so good? Summer, I'm ready for you.

In the meantime, I'm loving all of the NSS photos on Instagram and Facebook this week. It's a dream of mine to be a vendor at this show in New York, and one day, maybe I'll make it come true. Two of my Athens friends (also stationers) are in the show and it looks like they are having a blast. It must feel like such an accomplishment to set up a fancy booth with all of your handmade products, a catalog and an order sheet! These two ladies in particular -- Mattie and Margot -- have been huge inspirations to me. Seeing what they've achieved makes me feel like NMP could become bigger in time, and that's super exciting. It's just a matter of putting in the work, taking a big leap of faith and making it happen. Any other paper lovers out there enjoying the photos coming in from the show? I'm such a freak for cards and paper things. I could scroll through those photos all day!

Besides daydreaming of the New York Stationery Show, I'm thinking of things to put on my Summer Bucket List 2014. This is last year's list...I think this summer's list may include a couple of the things I didn't cross off last summer, like lazy tubing in Helen (the best), and a few new things -- maybe glamping? My little taste of glamping in Santa Barbara a few months ago kinda did me in -- we had so much fun! I don't know if there are places to glamp in the south quite like El Capitan, though. Does anyone have any suggestions?! 

Oh, and summer will be for lots more book reading. I need some recs, if y'all have any. I haven't read a book since I went to California, which is sad. I'd love to hear what you all have read and loved lately.  

And, before I go...since I don't like a post without photos, these are a few random recents from my Instagram feed of projects I've worked on lately: my very first navy inked map and a cute house stamp. Bungalows and cottages truly make the best stamps! I love cozy little houses.

I hope you guys have a great hump day! Thanks for listening to me ramble this morning. Hoping to be back and regular in this space by the end of the month. Summer has lots of great things in store for us...looking forward to sharing more soon! xo -- Natty

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