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May 15, 2014

4 years today

James and I looked at each other today and said, "How has it been four years already?" Our wedding day feels like it was yesterday. These four years have flown by and have truly been some of the best of my life, ups and downs and everything in between. We look a leap of faith and moved back to Athens three whole years ago, away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, and we've found our little niche and life in this town all over again. The pace of small(ish) town life agrees with us. We are so happy here. 

How I lucked out and nabbed this guy is not lost on me. I know I'm so fortunate to have a strong marriage and a guy that I can say is in my corner at all times. He's always rooting me on in my small business endeavors and he has been my rock during every last doctor's appointment and fertility treatment these past two years. It has been a long road, but because he's been with me during it all, I have to say that it hasn't been all that bad. If anything is for sure, I know that we can weather any storm together as long as we have each other. And you know what? I have a strong suspicion that 2014 is going to be the best year of our marriage yet. Good things are happening! But more on all that later.

Happy anniversary, James! I hope we have many more years together. I love you so much. 


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