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April 29, 2014

Office makeover: the inspiration

Not too long ago I got a wild hair and painted my office Sherwin Williams "Extra White" to brighten up the space, and I can't tell you guys how much I love it! Of course, one little change like that snowballs into an office makeover when you're me. My old office was a little on the darker side -- but I swear, changing the wall color from beige to white made a world of difference. I also traded my old Anthro colorful curtains to something a little lighter, and they work with the space so much better. 

I've been busy making some other changes to this room, and I hope to reveal them soon! Below are some photos I've used for inspiration. I want something white and bright with old world charm --industrial, vintage pieces are the ones I love most, so I wanted to incorporate them into my surroundings, too. Your office should be a place you want to be in every day -- somewhere you feel inspired and ready to do your best work. The goal is for my office to feel like all that and more. Here's what I've bookmarked:

I've also been cleaning out my office closet and my old craft cubbies, trying to organize what I want to keep and get rid of what I don't use or need. I've sold a few of my old thrift store pieces on Craigslist, and it feels so good to lighten the load around here...passing along some of my old treasures to new homes. My antique booth is such a great thing for me to have -- I've thrifted so much that I no longer want to hold on to, and all I have to do is slap a tag on these items to get them out of the house. And on some of them I'll make a decent profit! It's the best. 

So that's what's been going on around here lately, on top of it being wedding season. I want to think of another shop giveaway to host here soon -- maybe custom stamps? I think that sounds like fun...

I hope you guys are having a great week! -- Natty

Image credits: paint chip photo by me via Instagram // white door photo by Simply Put Vintage via SMP // office photo with chalkboard by Beth Giles // shelves via Oh Hello Friend // gold accents via The Everygirl

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