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April 11, 2014

Odds and Ends 4/11/14

Happy Friday! Sorry for the radio silence over here. We are waist-deep in receipts from 2013 while doing our taxes and that's taken precedence this week (insert groan here). We tend to be procrastinators and file at the very last second. I'm so thankful James doesn't mind sifting through my receipts (there are a lot of them) and helping me get organized so we can whittle down what we owe, and maybe even get a sweet return. Staring at the table stacked high with papers and highlighters and calculators gives me major anxiety. Bianca, however, doesn't seem to think taxes are all that bad. To her, the receipts make an excellent little pillow to rest her head:

Crazy cat! Also, this week I've been on Craigslist selling a few of my old thrifted finds that need a new home. Our house feels like it's exploding at the seams lately, which makes me want to pull out my hair. Maybe it's a combination of tax time + the clutter, but I feel the need to simplify my life in many ways right now. Also, can we talk about how flaky people are on Craigslist? People will e-mail you that they're interested, set a time up to come by...and never show. What is up with that? It's so frustrating! I finally sold the orange cane beauty this morning, though, and I plan to try and sell a couple of other random pieces next week. I already feel a little lighter, and it's nice. 

This weekend I'll be a vendor at the local AFM at Bishop Park, so I hope I'll see some of you locals there! It looks like I'll be parked next to the croissant folks again, which is bad for my waistline but so good for my tastebuds. I'm already dreaming of that fresh ham and cheese croissant I'll be having for breakfast tomorrow morning. It's going to be good. 

Until are a few gems from around the Web this week worth sharing:

I was at The Curtis Casa this week with an illustrated map of Atlanta I made to go with Whitney's post about their house-hunting experience in the neighborhoods and suburbs of the city. See more here!

"True Detective" fans will appreciate this AT&T commercial. 

The happiest man and his prize onion. 

You've probably already seen it by now...but 90s Jon Hamm was so awkward. Yikes!

...speaking of Jon Hamm, I am so excited for the new season of "Mad Men" to premiere! I can't wait to watch and re-watch every last episode. Who's with me?

Have a fantastic weekend! --Natty


  1. So annoying that people don't show up! Oh and taxes. Yes, fun, fun. :) Love the picture of your cat! And hope the sale goes great this weekend!


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