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April 2, 2014

New Month, New Things to Look Forward to

It's April! Lately it's been so warm in Georgia, and I hope the nice weather is here to stay. Spring is my second favorite season, minus the allergies I get this time of year. Cue the Debbie Downer music wah wah. James and I have been enjoying our back porch quite a bit these days in the evenings and on the weekends. It's my peaceful place and worth every sneezing fit. 

Here's what else I'm looking forward to this month:

1. Vegetable gardening. I don't have a green thumb by any means, but that doesn't mean that I don't try. Somehow even though our garden has produced very little in the past couple of years, I don't give up! Let's see if I can't turn my luck around this year. Any tips?

2. Betsy's and baby-to-be Della Ruth's shower! One of my oldest, bestest friends is having her baby shower later this month, and I'm really excited to celebrate with her and see lots of other sweet friends! It's going to be a good time. 

3. Smokey Road Press's letterpress class. I mentioned this briefly yesterday, but I start an 8-week night class at SRP in town tomorrow night, and I'm really excited about it. I'm looking forward to becoming more proficient with Illustrator, designing and learning the in's and out's of letterpress. It's a craft I've loved for so long, and I can't wait to learn all about the process!

4. Paige French's Photography Workshop. Paige is a very talented local photographer who serves as the Director of Photography for The Seed and Plate and is a contributor for visual content for "Trouve Magazine." Her work has been featured in lots of well known publications, like "Food and Wine." I am really excited to take her class and learn a little bit more about my DSLR! 

5. The first craft shows and markets of the year! The arrival of spring means it's time for one of my favorite things: selling my goodies to locals outdoors. I truly love markets and enjoy the entire process -- setting up my booth, talking with customers, and of course, making a little extra dough. My first market is this Saturday at the AFM at Bishop Park, so locals, I hope you'll come out and say hello! Also, for those of you who are interested and may have missed it last year, I wrote a post about what I've learned so far + how to have a successful show here

I hope you all have fun things planned this month, too! Anything special you're looking forward to?

Image credits: Tomato // confetti photo by EP Love via Green Wedding Shoes // letterpress via M&D //  Paige French via her Instagram feed // kraft bag

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