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April 16, 2014

House Crush // No. 6

Spring is here (despite this blast of cold air we're experiencing in Georgia, sheesh!) and I'm ready to get my hands dirty out in the yard. It's in some serious need of TLC -- there are leaves leftover from fall everywhere, tons of weeds and a nice, thick dusting of pollen all over just about everything right now. I'd like to restore our outdoor space to its original glory from last year with a deep clean and some new plants. Searching through the Internet for some inspiration I stumbled across Amy Butler's gem of a home, including her lush green patio and front entry way. Gorgeous! 

Every corner of Amy's 1969 home has just the right amount of color and curiosity, and I couldn't resist sharing all of them with y'all. For more, be sure to visit Amy's Flickr and the original home tour via Apartment Therapy

Photos via Apartment Therapy


  1. I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with Amy Butler's home - to me its the perfect mix of mid-century, antique, natural, and a little industrial that I would love my home to be. Thanks for sharing - its always makes me smile to see it.


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