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April 17, 2014

Easter Jars

Easter is this weekend, and we're going to my cousin's farm for lunch and a little Easter egg hunt for the littles in our family. I saw variations of these Easter jars on Pinterest and thought I'd make my own to give them. Easter candy really is the best candy, amiright?!

I spray painted the lids green and glued these teeny tiny chicks that were on clearance at Hobby Lobby to the tops. They're cute.

I found some chocolate bunnies that were slim enough to fit into some Mason jars, then added a little grass (I love that stuff! It's so festive) and some chocolate eggs in different sizes.

Oops! The broken ones are all for me

I hope you guys all have a Happy Easter! Do you all have any plans with family for the weekend, yummy brunch or lunch plans, egg hunts, egg dying, etc.? Hopefully the weather will warm back up so we're not having to wear coats while we watch the little ones hunt for eggs outside. When will winter get the hint that we're over her already?

Either way, I hope your Easter is filled with family and friends and good food, things that are good for the soul....and chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate. --Natty


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