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March 10, 2014

Weekend treasure hunt

March might be one of my favorite months of the year in the south, if only for the weather we typically have here: breezy, cool and sunny. Zero humidity. Very rarely do we get any snow or crazy cold weather in March, but with the winter we've all had this year, I guess I should say "never say never." But this weekend was beautiful. This kind of weather has me outdoors as much as possible -- which means you can likely find me at thrift stores and antique malls around town. It was a beautiful Saturday for a treasure hunt, indeed. I started the day out on a high note with this jewel of a chair. Having an antique booth means that you constantly see things in other people's spaces that you want to take home with you. I've learned how to resist, go home and think before buying. If it's still on my mind after a few days, I may think about going back (usually the urge wears off, which is telling.) But I couldn't get this cane chair out of my head. I wanted to use it as a desk chair (even though the desk chair I have is perfectly fine...but definitely not my style.) I headed over to find it waiting for me...with a slashed tag...and an additional 30% off! Sometimes a little patience pays off, literally. I'm typing this right now with my tush comfortably sitting in my new, pretty cane desk chair. Happy dance.

The rest of the day I drove around to my favorite haunts in nearby Statham and Monroe. Here's the Statham Antiques checkout counter -- isn't that old hutch a dream? I love the globes they put on top of it.

Old viewfinder photos of crazy cliffs in California that I'd actually seen on the web before, here. So cool! California is calling my name again. Although I don't think I'd be brave enough to go to the edge since I was such a chicken at the Grand Canyon last year. 

I love old Bingo cards, but I have no clue what to do with them...any ideas?

I'm always looking at others' booths for inspiration -- setting up a bunch of old stuff and making it look cool and inviting is tough sometimes. I love how this vendor hung a rusty old bike and wrapped Christmas lights around it. A piece of junk becomes art -- genius!

I wanted to take this old numbered slot thing home with me. I had to snap and pass because of the hefty price tag: $295. Sad.

I saw a lot of baby doll heads Saturday. Is there a new trend I don't know about? 

I didn't find anything else that topped my cane chair score except for a few things I'll tag and put in my booth. The thrift gods were good to me! I hope you guys had a great weekend full of treasures and surprises and good weather, too. -- Natty

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