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March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patty's + A lens trick

At Field Trip I learned a neat little trick from my roommate, Rensche: if you take your lens off a DSLR, you can flip it around backwards and hold it tight to the camera and take a super zoomed-in photo of something! Rensche takes these if there is a particular flower or texture that goes with whatever job she's working on, whether it be a wedding or portrait session or a styled shoot. One time she told me she found a dead bumblebee fully preserved and took the neatest close-up pictures of him, which is so cool. I've played around with this camera trick, and I've shot some really neat photos of drops of water on leaves, insects, spider webs and textures like wood grain, tree bark and fruit skins (berries are the prettiest up-close.)

What you do: After you take your lens off your camera and flip it around backwards, hold it tight to your camera body and stay as still as possible. The closer you get to an object, you'll see the lens start to focus on its own. That's when you snap a photo! You'll get a really pretty image, like these below: 

Pretty neat, right? And I'll leave y'all with some California clovers (none I found were four-leaf -- sigh) for St. Patty's, too! 

Happy Monday to all of you. --Natty

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