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March 4, 2014

Field Trip Brain Dump

Hello! I just arrived back (so, so late last night, at 2 AM Georgia time) from a fantastic "field trip" on the west coast. My mind and heart are very, very full and I want to share everything I've seen and learned and experienced over the last few days. But holy moly, I am so jet lagged, y'all. I'll try to make this post as coherent as possible. Please bear with me. 

Let me start from the beginning. I have to admit, I've felt nervous about this trip for a couple of months. There isn't really anything to pinpoint or a reason why exactly. I always feel jitters before a creative summit or trip or workshop because I battle insecurities and compare and do all of those things that some humans do before mingling with strangers, especially really awesome, crazy talented strangers. And let's be honest, some of them do not feel like strangers, because the Internet and blogs and websites can trick you into thinking you actually know these people in real life. And that can feel both comforting and creepy, depending on how you look at it. If I let it, mingling can terrify me. I find it hard sometimes to talk about myself and my business, even though I really believe in both and feel passionate about what I do. Does anyone else relate? However, even though I have these anxieties, I keep signing up. Because I know that in the end, I'll be glad I took the plunge and just forced myself to get out there. Showing up always pays off. The connections that are made are invaluable, and creative passion is contagious and the most wonderful thing. I leave these workshops feeling renewed, inspired and excited for the future. Nothing beats these feelings.

So I'm back from Field Trip, feeling all of these feelings, so very glad I booked the trip and put myself out there. My favorite momento from the weekend is the above print by Jessica Gatlyn of Bohemian Ink, gifted to us in Anna Naphtali's styling workshop. One of the running themes this weekend in a lot of my classes seemed to be "wonder." Inspiration and beauty and wonder can be found in everything, but we have to train our eyes to see the world as if we were children looking at it for the first time. Everyone sees the world differently, but we can all try to hold on to that childlike wonder as much as we can as adults, artists or not. There is something innocent about thinking this way that I love. 

I will leave you all with this nugget for today, and sort through my foggy brain and camera to share more later this week. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Stop and smell the roses, but sit and be still and take in all of your other surroundings, too, no matter where you find yourself. Make a choice to see the beauty that's around you -- it's all there. Ask questions, take it all in and play. More soon. -- Natty


  1. Glad you're home safely and so happy it was a wonderful experience!

    1. Thanks, Bets! It was quite the adventure :)


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