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March 19, 2014

10 Pins // Things I Love Right Now

I previously thought about nixing my "10 Pins" posts. Because the images aren't mine, and usually it's just me recycling whatever else is already floating around the Web. But I think I might keep this idea alive for a little longer, because sometimes I just feel like sharing a few things I hopes you'll love them, too. 

It's not news: I overthink a lot of what I post here. Before Pinterest came along, I used this forum as a place to share random, beautiful things that inspired me. A post I wrote pre-Pinterest usually consisted of a brain dump of everything that was on my mind and everything that was catching my eye with no rhyme or reason. Just a bunch of pretty pictures to look at. Of course, post-Pinterest, I feel the need to put more thought into my blog and create new, original content. It's a great thing to do, maybe something everyone should do, but with this comes a little bit of pressure. It's not easy to keep the blinders on and steer clear of what everyone else is doing, creating, saying. I often feel overwhelmed to make every post amazing, new, ground-breaking, "tweet-able," "pin-worthy," etc. It's a little silly; I know. And this way of thinking can really suck the fun out of blogging if I let it. So while I'm glad I started planning out my posts a little bit more, taking better photos and writing honestly about my personal life in this space, I still get the urge to post what's inspiring me from time-to-time. 

Which means: I kinda want to post a pretty photo dump. 

I'm not overthinking it today.

Even though none of these images are mine, every last one sparks something in me. And I think that's worth writing about!

1. First, this pretty watercolor pattern on a dress by Samantha Pleet, yanked from Designlovefest's Instagram feed. I've noticed this pattern on Pinterest lately, too. It's so randomly colorful and lovely -- like a child's art project. Maybe the next color study I work on should become an invitation or card design and not thrown in the trash. It's something to think about. 

2. This photo from Miss Moss's post about the new book, "Vintage Black Glamour." I know I always say it, but I enjoy looking through old black and white photographs so much. I like to sit and think about who they people in the pictures were, what they did, what they were like. It's the nostalgic, romantic part of me. I wonder if these three girls are still around today? They look like fun.

3. The colors from this gouache painting by Kristina Sostarko + Jason Odd would inspire a nice lettered print, maybe just a single word: THANKS, CONGRATS, LET'S PARTY, ____. Suggestions welcome!

4. Adopting these words via Megan Gilger as my personal motto for the next couple of months concerning our fertility woes. Hoping so hard that our doctor can work a miracle into his schedule (and into my uterus) very soon. I think this needs to go on the chalkboard for spring. 

5. The depth and perspective of this vintage-inspired travel poster gets me. It's so good! 

6. These vintage-inspired hangers available at BHLDN are so pretty -- I love the colors and the lettering in gold. Again, inspiring the artist in me... Also, I like that BHLDN uses this soft peachy pink for the background of their photos vs. the conventional white. It works. 

7. Tavi has grown up to be such a babe! I love this photo of her via Pedestrian. I've always loved that she was an old soul, but she's really hit the big time now. I watched "Enough Said" a few weeks ago, and I loved it so much. I smiled throughout the entire movie. I thought Tavi did a really great job, especially up against such talents like Julia Louis-Dreyfus and James Gandolfini. She's still a little wonder, even though she's grown up now.

8. I will be the first to say that my vices are usually salty, not sweet. But I've had a mad hankering for a donut, probably due to how many I've seen in my Instagram and Pinterest feeds lately. This recipe by Sugary + Buttery have been on my list "to bake," but they seem a little Krispy Kreme comes to mind. I'm glad it's not near my house.

9. I've been scouring the Web for Mary Blair illustrations lately. I've pre-ordered the new book about her work that debuts in May, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. She's been one of my favorite artists since I was a little kid; I didn't know who she was then, but I've always been drawn to her whimsical illustrations. I still have the giant coffee table book my parents bought me for a 4th grade birthday present all about Walt Disney, his art and the other influential players of his era, like Mary Blair. I guess I've always wanted to be an artist of some kind when I grew up. Isn't it funny sometimes how things work out?

10. Houseplants are happening this spring inside the Kilgore household. I like the various sizes, shapes and colors of the containers in the photo below via Decor8. Maybe a little DIY project is in the works...I think my office window ledge would be the perfect home for a little bit of greenery. I'm sure little B would agree. 

That's what's inspiring to me right now...what's inspiring you lately, on or off the Web? --Natty

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