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February 14, 2014

Pax can't stop us

[Our house before we left yesterday -- lots more snow compared to 2 weeks ago!]

Hello and happy Valentine's Day from Richmond, Virginia! That's where I'm writing this post, safe and warm and snuggled up in a hotel room. This week has been a whirlwind, largely thanks to this crazy snowstorm, Pax, that's moved from our home in the south all the way up the east coast. We tailed it today in our car -- the interstate was incredibly dry and clear through the Carolinas, despite the bad weather that had been there only hours before. The weather was beautiful on the drive, actually -- the sun was shining bright and it was fairly warm. But as we got closer to Richmond tonight, it started getting nasty again. Slushy, cold and drizzly. It was the perfect time to stop and rest our heads (but not before getting some good ol' Waffle House for dinner. Waffle House is always open, no matter how bad it looks outside! Cheers to that.)

We're on our way to Philadelphia tomorrow -- this Saturday one of my dearest friends from college gets married! I am really looking forward to seeing my friends and spending some good quality time with them. Weather permitting, we're going to sight-see and eat some cheesesteaks, too. It's going to be a good time. But first James and I have to battle this snowstorm in the car again. We're hoping that the NE way of doing things will have roads safe and clear in no time. Let's hope so!

Oh, and I had a sonohystogram this week, ordered by my RE as one more way to try and solve the mystery of why I'm infertile this whole baby thing isn't happening. A sonohystogram is basically a test to check out the uterine cavity -- making sure it's healthy and normal and void of things like polyps, fibroids and scar tissue. Pax almost screwed this up for me, too -- my test was scheduled for Wednesday, the same day the storm was set to hit Atlanta and Athens. This kind of test can only be performed once every cycle, so I really wanted to get it over with -- have I mentioned that every month seems to last an eternity? Yeah, so when they called and said they could squeeze me in Monday, I scrambled to Atlanta to make the last-minute appointment. Since my HSG was a nightmare, I had all kinds of anxiety in the waiting room -- a sonohystogram is a very similar procedure. Long story short, the test only lasted 30 seconds, and while 10 of them were painful, but nothing like the pain I experienced during my HSG. And the test results were normal. In fact, the doctor said my uterine cavity looked beautiful -- beautiful! I wanted to hug her. Beautiful is a nice word to hear in regards to one's uterus, especially since I haven't had anything nice to say about it in quite some time. 

So, our journey continues. We meet with our doctor again in a couple of weeks to discuss where we go from here. Since our diagnosis is still very much "unexplained," I'm feeling like I want to tackle this thing more aggressively moving forward. It's a word I didn't love the sound of this time last month, but I'm starting to warm up to it a little. 

So in closing, this week has been one for the books...but in a pretty good way, despite Pax trying so rudely to alter our plans. And the week isn't even over yet! I think it's going to end on a really good note. Happy Valentine's Day, friends! I hope wherever you are, you're warm, safe and feeling loved. Have a fantastic weekend  -- Natty


  1. "Beautiful is a nice word to hear in regards to one's uterus, especially since I haven't had anything nice to say about it in quite some time." - One of my favorite Natty lines of times of ever. Travel safe love bugs!

  2. Cute valentine and, um, he looks like you. Do people tell you that?

    1. Ha! Yes; you're not the first to tell us. However, we've submitted our DNA for genetics testing since visiting an RE, and I can say with certainty that we're not related! :)


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