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February 19, 2014

Our road trip to Philly and Charlottesville

What a weekend! Pax didn't stop us from getting to Philly on time, but it did stop us from sight-seeing as much as we would've liked to. I had all of these grand plans to see the Mutter Musuem, climb all over the Love statue and visit Jim's to get a giant cheesesteak. Unfortunately the weather wasn't encouraging -- icy, drizzly and cold. Not exactly sight-seeing weather. But that's ok, because the weather was still perfect for drinking indoors. My friends and I all hunkered down at the oldest continuously operated bar in the city, McGuiness Irish Pub, practically all Friday night. They had an awesome jukebox and lots of drinks, so why not?

My friend's wedding was absolutely beautiful, and the snow just became an added accessory to the day -- their photos are going to be gorgeous! The entire event just stunned me with how nice it was. Also, I think I danced for 7 hours -- so there's that. 

On Sunday before we headed south, we stopped by my cousin's house outside of the city to have brunch and bury me in all of her beautiful babies visit for awhile. Penny is shooting up like a weed, and her new brother and sister, Zach and Vivi, are too sweet for words. Those cheeks! Those lips! I can't. They are absolutely perfect.

On Sunday night we made it safely to Charlottesville. I've drawn a million maps of this town, so I knew before we arrived that it's a special place, loved by many. Monday we spent the morning exploring UVA and Monticello -- in 14 inches of snow! We loved Charlottesville -- it's a lot like Athens, just a little smaller. It's such a pretty town and campus. And also, we ate at Bodos Bagels, recommended by a friend. Is it possible to say these were the best bagels we'd ever eaten? They were huge and amazing, the way bagels should be. We should have set aside time for a nap after eating them, but instead we had to get on the road so we could make it back to Athens before midnight. 

It was a wonderful, busy, adventurous road trip! How did you guys fare in the snow? I know some of you are still wading around in it up north. Hang on -- sunny days are ahead.

Have a great hump day! -- Natty

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