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February 4, 2014

New Month, New Things to Look Forward to

Happy February! February is synonymous with Valentine's Day and hearts and chocolates, and while I am a big fan of all three, that's not all I'm looking forward to this month. The next few weeks hold lots of time with friends, learning experiences, parties and times to craft. It's going to be a good month -- I feel it. 

This month...

...I'm launching my new website! Cue the confetti. It's been a long time in the making, and I can't wait to make it public and share it for all the world to see. I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish with NMP in 2014, and this website is at the center of all of it. Lots more about this very soon! friend Natasha and I are traveling to attend Field Trip right outside Santa Barbara. We're going to be glamping at El Capitan Canyon (in a yurt!) and we'll be talking about small business things, taking great photos and being the best creatives we can be. We're going to be learning from some of the best in the biz (Max Wanger and Paul Octavious, just to name a couple), all while enjoying the west coast scenery. There is actual time set aside in the afternoons to "bike to the ocean" and "hike in the mountains." I mean, how great does that sound? I can't wait.

...James and I are driving to Philadelphia to celebrate two of our friends getting married. This is kind of our road trip part II, just on a much smaller scale. It's going to be a lovely wedding, and all of my college favorites will be there, which makes me happy. Plus, we're going to swing by my cousin's house on our way out of town, which I am so excited about. Penny is one of my favorite little kids, and she has two new siblings, twins Vivi and Zach, who James and I have yet to meet. I am looking forward to squeezing (and Instagramming?) the heck out of those kiddos, not gonna lie.

...I'm looking forward to crafting more. I never decorate for Valentine's Day, but I have a few ideas for our chalkboard area this year...

...I'm helping host a couples' shower for my childhood friend and her fiance. It's going to be an Italian dinner, and a lot of my dearest family friends will be in attendance, which will be so fun! Also, I made these invitations with the simple red check, and I added them to the shop last week. I think they'd be great for anything Italian-themed, but also for a BBQ or a cookout, too. 

February is going to be a good time. What are you guys looking forward to this month? xo --Natty

Image credits: El Capitan Canyon via Goop // Philly print by Lucious Art // I love you necklace by Dream Acre Designs // Heart pillow DIY by Designlovefest // Red check invitations by Natty Michelle Paperie


  1. SO excited for you (and a little jealous!) about the yurt! Take lots of pictures!!!


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