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February 10, 2014

Love is all you need Valentines Chalkboard

Yesterday I decided to give our chalkboard a little Valentine's flair! I bought some vintage letter cards off eBay a while ago, meaning to actually make a Christmas banner with them, which never happened. I grabbed the letter cards, a deck of old cards and some scrapbook paper and started making a festive Valentine's Day garland. 

And what better fodder for my chalkboard table than our wedding cake peggies? I love these little guys. Stick a cloche over them on top of some books, and they fit in nicely.

I clipped some old family photos into the garland for good measure. This one is a fave -- it's my great-grandmother and friends sharing a bottle of something suspicious, likely during the 1920s -- Prohibition! They look like they're having a good laugh. Also, that little dog is cute.

Since yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles making their debut in America, I wanted to write a Beatles lyric on the chalkboard. Did you guys watch their tribute special last night? I thought it was so good. I've loved the Beatles since I was a little kid, and I hope I can pass on that love to our littles one day. My heart melted watching David Grohl's little girls in the audience, standing up in their chairs, waving and cheering and singing along to every song. So cute!

Also, today is the last day to enter my giveaway! You can enter quick and easy here. I'll be in touch tomorrow with a winner. Have a great Monday! -- Natty

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