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February 26, 2014

Inspired by Anna Rifle + Painting your Wardrobe

Why not take a paintbrush to a designer handbag? And I can't believe I'm typing this, but puff paint might just make a comeback -- thanks to Anna Rifle Bond and her never-ending talents. If you'd told me the bit about puff paint before I saw the below photos, I would've raised my eyebrows. Puff paint is synonymous with the early 90s and those tacky DIY t-shirts we used to make (or our moms made for us.) I actually had a friend who's mom made amazing puff paint t-shirts when we were kids -- I wish I could find a picture. She would paint the skyline of Atlanta and sell shirts to her friends, or make us girls "BFF" shirts with little stick caricatures of us in brightly painted colors. She would always add details so we knew who was who in her t-shirt paintings. We all wore them proudly (with the t-shirt corner tied in a side knot, of course. Ha! Remember that?!) So maybe the trend wasn't too bad as a whole? My friend's mom was an artist -- like Anna Rifle, who's posted a few photos of her puff paint Zara blazer to her Instagram account lately:

Who knew puff paint could be so fashion-forward? This is why I love Instagram and Pinterest -- sometimes you'll see something and it will just hit you with full force and inspire you like crazy. I don't exactly have a designer handbag to paint, and I think I'm too chicken to make over an expensive bag like Anna's Kate Spade, above, but I really do love the idea. And the puff paint has set my mind into over-drive...

What do you guys think about painting your wardrobe? Would you do it?


  1. I saw Anna's instagram of that jacket and was equally blown away! I'm hesitant I will screw things up with puff paint, but please share if you find something to decorate!

  2. If I were an artist? Heck yeah! LOL. My sister could do this.... ;-) I *may* be able to, but I'd have to have lots of practice first. ;-)


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