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January 24, 2014

Bits & Pieces via Instagram

A little peek into my life lately, according to Instagram:

1. A family portrait from last week, cozy in front of the fireplace, about to watch "Prisoners." It was a great movie. We have seen so many movies in the past month, it's insane. We are going to see "12 Years a Slave" this weekend, and I can't wait -- I've heard so many good things about it! Lately we've also seen "American Hustle," "Wolf of Wall Street," "Her," and "Gravity." I'd love to see "Dallas Buyer's Club" and "Nebraska," too. We might actually see all of the movies nominated at the Oscars if we keep going at this rate. I smell a challenge.

2. The weather has been cold and windy in Georgia over the last few weeks. For some reason, this weather seems to produce the prettiest skies and clouds and sunsets. Cotton candy skies are the best.

3. My thrifting adventure essentials (for winter): a hat and a scarf, a Thermos full of coffee, my camera and iPhone for picture taking, and of course, my wallet. You don't get very far without some cash when you're treasure hunting. We trekked up to north Georgia to a few places last weekend, and I'm hoping to go some other places tomorrow...

4. Pretty bistro lights at The Melting Point in town. James and I have become big fans of "Rabbit Box," a storytelling event held there monthly. If you don't cry during at least one story, you're not human (they are always so good.)

5. A pic with my friend Douglas during his visit a couple of weeks ago at The Manhattan, one of my favorite local dive bars.

6. A jar of whimsies from my treasure hunt last weekend. I've since made a few of these for my own antique booth at Junk in the Trunk.

7. Vintage pots and pans from another thrifting adventure. It was a nice display that caught my eye.

8. Oh my stars! One of my new rubber stamps for sale in the shop

Stay tuned for next week -- I'm going to be hosting a Valentine's giveaway, full of NMP goodies to send to your valentines in just a few short weeks. Rubber stamps, ink pads, Washi tape, and of course, cards from my shop -- the whole shebang! Sending love via snail mail for Valentine's Day is highly encouraged. But more on all this later...

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Stay warm! --Natty

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