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January 9, 2014

10 to Watch // No. 4

So the last time I wrote one of these posts, it was for Halloween! I've watched a lot of flicks and TV shows since then. Here are a few I found to be both noteworthy and enjoyable:

1. *Frances Ha -- Oh my goodness, I love Greta Gerwig. Girl crush. She seems to be so cool, smart and fun, and it all comes across on the big screen. This story follows a 20-something (almost 30-something) woman in New York as she's finding herself...and sometimes it's awkward and painful to watch. Of course, it's also endearing and honest and beautiful, too. 

2. *Mona Lisa Smile -- One of my old faves about a forward-thinking art professor who attempts to open the minds of her mostly conservative, traditional female students. Watching something that takes place during this time period always makes me feel thankful I was born at a later date. I can't imagine living in a world that largely judged a woman for wanting something more than being a homemaker! Because some of us just want it all, you know. 

3. Fever Pitch -- I never saw this one when it was out in theaters, but I noticed it on HBO Go over the holidays and decided to give it a whirl. While it was a little slow at first, Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon and their on-screen chemistry make it all worthwhile in the end. I've always had a crush on Jimmy Fallon -- his charm and likeableness is just impossible not to like, don't you think?

4. *Blackfish -- I've heard fuss about this documentary forever. I finally watched it the other day, and at times I felt so heartbroken for the whales that I almost turned it off. It was hard to get through at times, but I highly recommend sticking with it and seeing it through. Let's just say that James and I will never support SeaWorld, not ever. Period.

5. *Diana Vreeland -- Oh, fabulous, fantastic Diana Vreeland, aka the long-time influential editor of Harpers Bazaar. The story of her life is interesting, and her vivacious spirit is always captivating. A must-watch for sure.

6. *The English Teacher -- This off-beat comedy stars Julianne Moore as a dowdy, bookish high-school English teacher who's life takes a turn when an old pupil returns to town. It's worth watching because Julianne Moore is in it and does a bang-up job, as usual.

7. Masters of Sex -- It's interesting and racy and well-acted. Also, the little mid-century details that are everywhere fulfill my Mad Men void that's happening right now. Lizzy Caplan has come a long way from her "Janis Ian" days. She is so good in this show, and I love her character. Have any of you watched this show yet? I'd love to hear what you think about it. Sometimes I have to Google the facts after the show because I can't believe this stuff (ahem, sex) was scientifically studied using actual people during this conservative era in our country's history. Crazy stuff.

8. *Lovelace -- Did this movie go straight to DVD? I feel like it was in theaters for .5 seconds. I think it's a pretty good movie, but the subject matter is so gritty and dark, making it a little hard to watch. I left feeling really sorry for Linda Lovelace. It's scary where people can find themselves if they have no voice, little self-confidence and no support system. Without these things in place, what kind of chance do you really have in life?

9. *The War -- Ken Burns' 7-part series about World War II. I'm not even half-way done with it, but it's really good. I love that the people interviewed lived through the war and share personal stories from their lives during that time -- a precious commodity, especially since the majority of that generation is no longer with us. It makes me wish that I still had my grandparents around so I could pick their brains and ask them questions about the past...

10. *Robot & Frank -- I love Frank Langella. He plays an ex-thief who receives a highly-intelligent robot butler as a gift from his son. Of course, the robot becomes his partner-in-crime, and hilarity ensues. It's a quirky flick, and I liked it a lot.

So that's my list of great things to watch in the new year. Have any of you seen any of these movies/shows/docs? I'd love to hear what you think!

*These movies are available to stream on Netflix as of 1/9/14


  1. I just loved LOVED Robot & Frank. It was so good! I might have to rewatch it while it's on Netflix's! I know I passed by The English Teacher tons of times but now I have to check it out! Thanks! =)


    1. The English Teacher is a quirky one, but Julianne Moore shines. I hope you like it!


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