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December 6, 2013

New Month, New Things to Look Forward To

It's December! My second favorite month of the year (besides my birthday month, the best -- October.) December means chilly weather and big coats, snow, holiday parties and family get togethers and of course, Christmas. We've had fun around here the last several days making our home feel festive -- hanging wreaths, rearranging photos to make room for holiday ones, and decorating the tree. Although, we turned on our fairly new, pre-lit tree this year to find that several branches are actually not lit and that wasn't too fun. Since the tree is already decorated (doh), we may just throw some lights on top of the problem as a temporary solution and worry about the problem next year. I mean, we bought a pre-lit tree so we wouldn't have to deal with the whole find-the-one-bad-light issue every other Christmas! First world problems.

Why do you love December? Here are a few reasons I'm loving the month ahead:

1. Cozy spaces. I make it my mission to make all the corners in my house feel warm this time of year. Pinterest is my go-to for inspiration on how to mix my antique holiday bits and pieces with the things I keep up year-round. I'm almost finished decorating the house, and I'll be sure to share some pictures here soon...

2. Feel good flicks. Is there anything better than a British holiday movie? No sir. True story: I was having a not-so-good day a couple of weeks ago, and I thought, I know what can cure this blues. I popped "Love Actually" into the DVD player, and it did the trick almost immediately -- I was smiling from ear-to-ear in no time. There's something about that movie. "The Holiday" works similar wonders. 

3. Craft shows. I'm in 3 more shows before Christmas, and I've been busy crafting in preparation for them. I've even made mason jar snow globes and diorama ornaments to add to the mix this year! More on those later. (Locals, see my holiday craft show schedule here. I hope you'll come by and say hello!)

4. Holiday soirees. I love a good holiday party. We're having a few friends over later this month to celebrate, and I am really looking forward to it. It's the only time of the month I can actually buy these because I know I'll have plenty of help eating them, which is a good thing (they are also a criminal offense to my cleaner eating. But kind of worth it.) Also, holiday cocktails: yes.

5. Lumberjack plaid. I'm so in. Actually, I've been in, I just can't find a dang lumberjack coat that I can afford to save my life. Apparently I'm not the only one digging big print plaids this time of year. This beauty is on my fantasy wish list. 

6. Fur. Faux, of course. I'm feeling fur this winter -- I have a couple of stoles that I've thrifted, and I can't wait to wear them this season. Also, remember my furry sable hat? I'm still waiting for the right occasion to bust him out of the closet. Maybe this month is the month. A wintery snowstorm would really inspire me...

And of course, this month is all about family, friends and love. It's the time of year we receive holiday cards from all of our favorite people, reminding us that we're so lucky and should be thankful of everyone who's in our lives. I know this month can also be hard for a lot of people, too, but I urge them to think of the good and not the bad. Reflect on the past year, grow and learn, and focus on the new year that's on the horizon.

Happy December, friends  I hope it's a great month for all of you!

Image credits: wall collage by Midwest Living // "Love Actually" // scissors via Rifle Paper Co. // wine wrapped in a tea towel via Cotton & Flax // fur via Asos // lumberjack plaid


  1. My mother had the same issue with the pre-lit tree. The problem is, pre-lit trees only spare you the trouble of stringing lights–the lights are still the same! We just cut all the lights out of her tree this Thanksgiving and went with the strings again. Definitely try LED light strings next year. Mine have lasted three years so far. Amen and amen on the british rom-coms.

    1. I was totally thinking the lights on a pre-lit tree would last us longer than a couple of years -- oy! Oh, well. I will definitely be looking into LED lights -- thanks for the suggestion. Happy holidays, Josie!

  2. Watching The Holiday right now! I needed to get some distance from The Sound of Music Live from last night...

  3. Oh, I'm dying over that JCrew beauty. Gorge.


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