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December 11, 2013

DIY: Snow Globe Ornaments

Well, it's official: we have less than two weeks to go until Christmas. Is it just me, or is the holiday coming much too quickly this year?! I love December, and all the baking, decorating and partying that comes along with it. And, of course, it's a great time of year to make cute holiday crafts for yourself and for others -- like these cute snow globe ornaments I made last week. I knew when I saw these on Pinterest that I had to make some to sell at craft shows...and keep a few to give to friends (and save one or two for myself...) It was hard to part with some of these guys when I was finished making them for sure.

It seems that last year Mason jar snow globes were all the rage (I made some the other day that I'll be sharing here soon), and this Christmas, snow globe ornaments seem to be catching up in popularity. You can make them for a couple of bucks each, easy. 

Here's what you need to get started:

  • 1 to 2 sheets of 12" x 12" glittery scrapbook paper -- thick, like cardstock (mine is cropped, above)
  • 1 large canister of white glitter
  • Wire (floral wire is usually cheaper than wire found on jewelry aisles)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Scalloped 3" scrapbook punch 
  • Little deer or tiny vintage Christmas "picks" for your globes (the "Mayberry Street" deer above can be found at Hobby Lobby stores on the dollhouse aisle; search Etsy or Ebay for vintage picks, like the Santas I used for this project, below)
  • 1 package of plastic wine glasses that come in two pieces (I ordered mine on Amazon)
  • 1 roll of tinsel ribbon (or something similar)
  • Not pictured: 1" bottlebrush trees, found at craft stores or online 

Use the scrapbook punch and glittery paper to make the base for your ornament. Hot glue a Santa figurine or deer and a tree or two on the base, glitter side up, and let them cool until they're set. 

Fill the top of one plastic wine glass with just a little bit of glitter (discard the base of the glass). Hot glue the rim of the wine glass, and carefully place your scalloped scrapbook paper base over it. 

After the base is set on top of the glass and the glue has cooled, flip your cup upside down, and ta da! You have a really cute snow globe scene happening inside that little plastic wine glass:

To make your snow globe into an ornament, cut a small strip of floral wire and carefully craft it into a "loop" with two sides. Hot glue your loop to the stem of the wine glass, and don't worry about making it neat and pretty -- you'll be covering up the glue and most of the wire with the tinsel ribbon, next.

Twist the tinsel ribbon around the top of the stem of the wine glass to cover the wire and hot glue. You can add a little glue to the ribbon if you want to, but since it's wired it should stay put on its own. Be sure to leave a little room for the wire loop so you can hang it on the tree to sparkle!

Happy holiday crafting! -- Natty


  1. These are so cute! Where did you find the tiny bottle brush trees?

    1. I bought the white ones at Michaels -- the little green ones were actually from childhood. I have no idea where I bought them! I've only been able to find them online this season, which baffles me. Why don't craft stores keep these in stock this time of year?!


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