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November 1, 2013

On not losing hope + a few other things

Yesterday we had our meeting with a fertility specialist, and for the most part, it went really well -- what a relief. We have a plan, but our doctor still has a lot of data to analyze and James and I still have more tests to go through. But, we have a plan, and having a plan feels good. For the last couple of months we've been on our own -- by choice -- waiting for this appointment to come and hoping that this doctor would have more options for us with more answers. Not knowing what is "wrong" has been the hardest part for me -- I want so badly to put a cause with my infertility so I can either get help to fix it or mourn it and move on. Not knowing why this isn't happening for us has been so incredibly frustrating. But even though I get down about our situation sometimes...I never let that tiny spark of hope die inside me. It's still there. I felt it again yesterday, and I'm holding on to it. Here's to hoping that in the next several months everything will work out for us just the way it was meant to be. 

I wanted to cap off the week with a few things worth sharing from around the Web:

This sweet baby getting choked up by his mother's beautiful singing voice.

Something that must be on B's kitty Christmas list this year.

Completely addicted to this show. Why hasn't it started a revolution in the way news is reported?!

All artists and writers should read this.

Digging this bluegrass version of "Wrecking Ball." And I can't stop playing it.

Also, this week I've started the Whole 30 challenge, a little modified. I get that the idea of the program is to detox your body from chemicals, processed foods, sugars, etc., and for the most part, I'm cutting out the junk. However, if I'm going to be honest with myself and do this long-term, I know I can pretty much say good-bye to sweets, but I can't completely cut out carbs. I've tried totally restrictive diets before, and they just don't work for me...after a little while I start craving the bad stuff and give in. (And I beat myself all over the place for it.) So, I'm going to make carbs an infrequent treat, and make good decisions about the kinds of carbs I consume -- no fast food, no processed garbage, nothing that comes in a box of any kind. I'm on Day 5 and feeling pretty good! I've been eating veggies at every meal and lots of protein. The most challenging thing for me is being creative in the kitchen. If y'all have any tips or recipes to throw my direction, I'd love it! 

Have a great weekend, friends...see y'all next week. --Natty 

Ayn Rand quote via Haley Bryant


  1. wishing you the best on your journey! i think i've been through it all, and still have no "reason" so if you ever have questions in regard to a test, process, etc, i may have something to share. something my most recent fertility dr had us do was COUNSYL testing, i did find out through this testing that i am a carrier for a nasty disability, luckily my husband is not a carrier and therefore it would not be something we would need to worry about if we ever conceive. just thought i would share about the option of genetic testing for disabilities because it was something new to me through this dr and i had never thought to consider doing it previous. i am sorry you are going through this, mostly when i read people's blogs who i know are trying to conceive i am anticipating an "announcement" with each visit. wishing you all the best!

    1. We actually submitted our consent for genetic testing at our first appointment last week, but we're still waiting on the results. We'll see if it turns up anything unusual!

      Thank you for your well wishes and support. They mean so much to me :)


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