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November 18, 2013

House Crush // No. 4

These photos caught my eye because the owners do a great job mixing contemporary and vintage pieces together, but each space is neat and tidy. (For some reason, in my mind, owning antiques and vintage stuff means you usually have a lot of it. Or is that just me?) I struggle with keeping areas "minimal" in my own house -- I love to thrift and shop vintage, but I find that my closets are constantly busting at the seams with my finds. Too much clutter wears on me. Lately I've been going through the rooms in my house and trying my best to simplify every corner without losing any character. I'm looking at these photos for inspiration! 

My favorite elements from the above home: A fireplace full of tidy logs, and the vintage portrait that hangs over them. The attic loft/office -- what a dreamy space -- and the tiny antique whale pendant over the chest of drawers. Also, I wonder where that green door in the bathroom takes you?

Have a great Monday! -- Natty

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