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November 7, 2013


My life lately according to my Instagram feed:

1. B giving me a good luck kiss before the Not Wedding in September

2. My girl Natasha teaching us about social media at one of Treehouse's Biz classes

4. Loving on sweet Harper Reese

5. September selfie

6. New gnome pins! In the shop [here]

7. James and me in Knoxville before the Georgia game (rocking those vintage suspenders!)

8. One of the prettiest landmarks from my old 'hood in Atlanta

1. At the annual Athens Farmers' Market benefit on The Hill

2. B tip-toeing around my watercolor pencils -- a daily occurrence

3. Welcoming my 30th with a sweet piece of chocolate cake at Depalma's

4. Dahlias from the farmers market

5. Getting my screen printing on with the girls at Double Dutch Press

6. A kitty mustache on Sunday morning

7. B: a casual portrait

8. My bumblebee totes I made at Double Dutch!

And last but not least, my mama and me, yesterday in Atlanta, celebrating her 60th birthday:

Love my mom! She is the best.

Have a great Thursday! -- Natty

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