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November 20, 2013

A tea for Mom's 60th birthday

Sunday I threw a 60th birthday tea for my mom at her house in Peachtree City (about 40 miles south of Atlanta). Practically all of her girlfriends came, and we had the best time! I love her friends so much -- they are a fab group of ladies. 

I had a little bit of help with the food, like I mentioned before -- Jessica at Heirloom in town helped with the muffins and scones, and my sister-in-law Lisa, who owns Lumpkin Cafe in town, made the cheese straws. I made three kinds of tea sandwiches: prosciutto and fig jam, cucumber, dill and cream cheese (both on sourdough bread), and strawberry cream cheese on raisin bread.  I also made cheesecake strawberries -- they didn't travel well, unfortunately, but they still tasted good -- which is all that matters, right? I had a variety of teas available, and for those who wanted a little something stronger, I made champagne punch (so good!) My mom and I combined our china so we'd have a few different patterns on the table, and I made flag stirrers using Washi tape for the teas. I also pulled up fun facts from the year my mom was born and placed them around the food and the adjoining living room. Everyone had a good time reading these! (And I learned a couple of things, too! Did you know that Lucille Ball gave birth on TV? You'd think a show that made a married couple sleep in twin beds would think giving birth would be a little too much for TV. Guess not!)

The most fun detail of the party was the photo collage I made as a decoration for the living room. I had a great time going through old photographs of my mom -- she was a cute kid. I made the photo ring from an embroidery hoop with clothes pins hot glued around it, alternating clips that faced in and out to give the collage more girth. (I also use the same hoop for my Christmas cards -- it's almost that time again!)

Since I had all of my mom's groups of friends together at one party (high school friends, Peachtree City friends, church friends, my aunt), I set up a little table with blank cards for them to write down a memory of their friendship for her. My mom said that she read these later that night and every single one brought happy tears to her eyes. 

It was a lovely day celebrating my mom, who's the best mother and friend in the world! I love you, Mom. 

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day:


  1. What a lovely party! I'm sure your mom really appreciated it. I hope you had a fun time!!!


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