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October 7, 2013

The Not Wedding: Athens

Oooh, ooh! The Not Wedding: Athens photos are back and as I already shared, posted to Ruffled and on various other places around the Web, which I'm super excited about. The photographers (all three of them!) did a bang-up job capturing how beautiful and inspiring the evening was for all of us who attended. I wanted to share some of Kaitie Bryant's photos on the blog today -- I really loved the ones she took of my invitations, fans and maps. I mean, my map in an artichoke -- who'd have thought? Also, the one she took of me balancing the artichoke on my head makes me laugh every time I see it. She's clever, that girl.

I know I touched on the event already (here + here), but I can't say enough positive things about my experience with the Not Wedding. Apart from the exposure I received, I met a ton of creatives who live in my town, which is invaluable. We shared, we inspired each other, we left as friends. I encourage any of you out there who run a small business or work freelance to really put yourself out there whenever you can. Sometimes it can seem super intimidating and scary, but when the day is over, you'll always be so glad you took a risk and just went for it. 

But back to the event. It was gorgeous, you guys. I was so impressed with everyone who was involved -- every last one of us really brought our A-game, from the desserts to the entertainment to the decor. (If I were to re-tie the knot with the Mister, you'd better believe there would be vintage rentals involved. Best idea ever.) There was great food, an open bar, and plenty of celebrating to go around after a sweet ceremony where the newlywed couple, Andrew and Katie, renewed their vows. It was such a perfect evening, and I left feeling happy and inspired. 

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the event, all by Kaitie Bryant Photography:

And last but not least, a video by Incer Studios:

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  1. Beautiful event! So glad to hear that it was a great business and networking boost as well!


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