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October 21, 2013

DIY rustic fall centerpiece

Happy Monday, friends! Last week I got a wild hair and decided to switch up my autumn decor and make a new centerpiece for the table. I wanted something I could leave up through Thanksgiving that wasn't orange -- something toned down that would flow with our house. I've been perusing Pinterest and pinning a lot of decor made with Cinderella pumpkins. You know, those pretty white, olive green and light orange guys that are elusive at standard pumpkin patches. I drove all over town last week looking for some, and I came up empty handed. But aren't they pretty?

top centerpiece by Smith, here // brass quails via Vint // bottom arrangement by French Country Cottage

I thought it would look nice if I wrapped some rustic stems around a few of these pretty pumpkins on my table, sticking a few of my brass animals inside as an added fun, vintage detail. But, as I mentioned before, my hunt for pumpkins wasn't successful. What's a girl to do? Against my better judgement, I decided to drive over to Hobby Lobby, aka somewhere I never leave without spending a small wad of cash. I can't help it -- I'm a sucker for those "40% off" signs around the store. I will fall for that every time. 

I thought of what I already had at home, and then added a few faux stems and a long piece of garland to my shopping cart. The garland already had several pieces attached that I liked -- oversized acorns, pinecones and a few feathers here and there. I rummaged through my closet when I got home to find some twisted sticks I bought for my holiday tree topper last year, plus a random stem with faux green leaves I planned to rip off and stick throughout the garland.

Here's a rough list of my supplies...also? I spy a tiny quail...

I wanted to add more greenery to the garland, so I bought a couple of artichokes from Hobby Lobby to add to it. I also found a few white pumpkin picks that I bought on clearance last year in my closet that I added to the mix. And see those ceramic white pumpkins? While I would've loved to have had real ones on my table, these will do just fine -- and they'll last several seasons, too. Win-win!

I pulled out my Martha cake stands -- that we received as a wedding gift -- to give the pumpkins some height above the garland on the table. I also bought a couple of burlap butterflies (Christmas ornaments, also on sale at Hobby Lobby) and pulled out my brass animals to add to the arrangement once it was finished.

Remember how I said I was going to rip that single stem with green leaves apart? Well, rip I did. Limb from limb:

And after playing with the arrangement a little, it was finished! I simply stuck the picks and stems throughout the garland, seeing what looked best as I went. Just a note that I don't use hot glue -- glue is pretty permanent, and plus, I'm really clumsy with it. Somehow I always end up burning all my fingers when I use the stuff. With garlands and wreaths, I typically just stick things through what's already there, and usually everything stays put for awhile. I like to switch up things from year to year, and it's easier to pull things apart when glue isn't involved!

It's starting to feel a lot like autumn around here, and I like it...

Happy fall!


  1. Oh I just love this! Investing in the ceramic pumpkins was a wise move - especially since the cinderella pumpkins can be really expensive!

    1. Oh, are they expensive? Makes sense that they would be -- I could get ahold of any to find out! Thanks for the kind words!

  2. I love the ceramic pumpkins! My house is sadly lacking in Halloween/Fall decor... I'll have to be on the look out for some pumpkins on clearance this year.

    1. Hobby Lobby has them at 66% off right now!


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