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October 8, 2013

10 to Watch // No. 3

What I've watched and recommend lately...

1. *Being Elmo -- True story: my mom admits to strapping me in my stroller as a baby to watch Sesame Street on TV. We joke that this could be a form of child neglect, but she insists it's because I just loved Sesame Street so much, and hey, it's educational, right?! A parent can't feel guilty about that. And she's right -- I loved that show as a kid. "Being Elmo" is a touching documentary about the man behind the puppet, and the love that Elmo -- and Sesame Street -- brings to children everywhere. 

2. *Adventureland -- I really liked this movie (even though I'm really not a KStew fan.) I enjoyed the 80s references, the coming of age story, and of course, Ryan Reynolds. Any movie he's in is worth watching, in my opinion.

3. *Louie -- oh, Louis C.K. I seriously love him. And this show is so funny. I don't laugh out loud often when I'm watching TV, so the shows that make me laugh instantly become some of my favorites. Also, is it just me, or the more you watch...Louis C.K kind of becomes...cute? No? Just me? Oh, well. It's no secret I have a thing for red-haired funny guys.

4. *Kissing Jessica Stein -- I went through a stage recently where I watched several Jennifer Westfeldt movies. I just love her -- I have a feeling she's a lot like the sweet characters she plays in real life. This movie is about finding the perfect man...or woman...and finding yourself through it all. I really liked it.

5. *Ira and Abby -- So I also recently went through a Chris Messina phase, too. And this movie stars both him and Jennifer Westfeldt! Win-win. I loved this movie so much --as IMDb says, "A hastily married couple quickly devolve into a life of affairs, meddling parents, and therapy." Full of wit, charm and comedy. If you watch one movie from this list, choose this one!

6. *Aziz Anzari -- Watch all of his comedy specials on Netflix -- now. You're going to laugh. A lot.

7. Boardwalk Empire -- I binge-watched this on HBO Go recently to catch up before the new season aired a few weeks ago, and I quickly became addicted. Isn't it funny how history classes kind of skip over the 1920s and the Prohibition era? It was such an interesting decade in our country, full of crime, crazy illegal partying and mobsters rising to power. I'm not going to lie, the sex scenes with Steve Bushemi are a little cringe-worthy in the beginning, but if you can get past a few of those, the rest of the series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

8. *Rosemary's Baby -- A great flick, especially if you're in the mood for a little pre-Halloween spookiness! No blood, no gore -- just a good fashioned suspense movie about witches and spells and...demon babies. Also? 1960s Mia Farrow is my fave -- what a beauty! 

9. *Like Crazy -- A touching love story all about long-distance relationships. You may need a few Kleenex for this one.

10. *The Kids are All Right -- A movie about a "modern family" that's clever, funny and heart felt. Plus, there's a twist in the plot (that I didn't see coming) that definitely makes the movie that much more interesting...check this one out for sure.

Have you all seen any of these movies? Love them? Hate them? I'd love to know what you guys think!

*These movies are available to stream on Netflix 10/9/13


  1. I love these lists you put together! You're right about Louis C.K. Totally charming and cute to me now.

    1. Glad I'm not alone on the Louie front!

  2. I completely agree that Louis C.K. gets weirdly attractive as you watch him! Also, 100% on the same page re: Chris Messina. His face gets me every time. If you haven't watched The Giant Mechanical Man on Netflix yet, you may really enjoy that one, too. Chris Messina cuteness and Jenna Fischer, too!

    1. Louis C.K. is perhaps the weirdest celebrity crush I've EVER looks like I'm not the only one :) And, I loved The Giant Mechanical Man! I actually put that on my last "10 to Watch" list. It was really good.

  3. kissing jessica stein is a great movie! jennifer westfeldt is fantastic and i believe she wrote it too.

    1. She is just the cutest! I didn't know she wrote KJS -- pretty and smart! Girl crush.


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