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September 30, 2013


Last Saturday was a good day. Our friend John Michael made me my own jar of his famous pickled eggs (!), friends came to see us from all over to tailgate on north campus, and I got to love on Harper Reese all day long. As if that wasn't already good enough, I also saw a bulldog in a baby stroller, played a little flip cup like I was still in college, and my bulldogs won one hell of a football game against LSU. We cheered, Mark Richt cried and we went to sleep that night feeling proud to be part of this great town and university. You know,  it was just one of those crazy awesome fall Saturdays in Athens.

Some of my fave photos from the day, starting with my big jar o' pickled eggs:

What a day. Love these beautiful fall weekends in Athens so, so much!

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