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September 9, 2013


This is pretty much what Sunday looked like around here. zzz

How was your weekend? Ours was packed full, but we had a great time. Yesterday we took the day off and just lounged around in our PJs with B on the couch. Sometimes you just gotta have an afternoon that's nothing but lazy. I guess if there is any upside (upside might be the wrong word) about not having any littles running around just yet is that we can still make our own schedules and be completely selfish with our time. Of course, I'd gladly trade sleep and "freedom" for a mini James or Natty...but until then we'll just try to enjoy and appreciate lazy days like these together. I woke up this morning feeling fresh and energized -- I'm ready to take you on, week.

Back to the weekend. First, the letterpress class with Margot at Smokey Road Press on Friday night was the absolute best! I took a couple of short videos and snapped a couple of shots and posted them to Instagram, and I'm writing a larger post about my experience and the class that I'll hopefully upload here later this week. In a nutshell, I loved the class and I am still really interested in learning more about letterpress. However, it's a craft that definitely isn't learned overnight. It takes some major schoolin' to master the art of the press for sure. I'm going to save my pennies for Margot's intro class and sign up soon.

Game day in Athens was great fun. That's me with two of my best gal pals, Shari and Pana. We roamed around from tailgate to tailgate, visiting friends along the way, and watched the game downtown at the Georgia Theatre with a couple hundred other fans. Side note: I love that the theatre plays fun dance songs during the commercials! Y'all know how much I love a good dance party. It's kind of even better when it's broken up by a rival football game in between songs. 

I hope you guys had a great weekend, too, and have an even better Monday! 

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