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September 6, 2013

New Month, New Things To Look Forward To

Happy Friday, you guys! What are y'all up to this weekend? James and I will have some friends in town for the football game, which of course means there will be a little tailgating involved, too. Tailgating + football + friends...all some of my favorite things. We are psyched.

This September post is a little late, considering today is the 6th. Better late than never, though, right? I'm really looking forward to what's going on over the next few weeks. September is going to be a fun, busy month for me: 

There will be lots more tailgating and football-related partying. Athens comes alive this time of year, full of folks dressed in red and black, ready to cheer on our team at the game. James and I have yet to actually go to the stadium to watch a single game since we moved back in 2011, but we always have a blast tailgating with friends on campus and watching the game downtown or at home. I am waiting patiently to feel that first fall crisp in the makes tailgating and football season so much more comfortable. Plus, I just love fall. It is my favorite season of the year. Also, that bracelet flask is great, right? 

Something James and I want to do is go to a drive-in movie this month. And if not this month, sometime this fall. There used to be one near Athens, but we think it must be closed now because we can't find it online. The closest other drive-in to us is in east Atlanta, the Starlight Six Drive-In, so we've marked it down and hope to go soon! (I don't think we'll go under fall weather arrives. Drive-ins are so much more fun when it's chilly outside.)

Next week is the Not Wedding, which I'm super excited about. I'm busy making invitation suites and fans to hand out at the door, and I think I'm barely going to scrape by when the event rolls around on the 12th. Eek! I work best under pressure, and it drives me nuts that I do this to myself. Anyone else guilty of this, too? As much as I try to plan ahead, I usually I find myself scrambling at the last minute. I gotta work on that.

Later this month, some of my girlfriends and I are going to Isle of Palms/Charleston for my friend Amy's bachelorette party. (Yes; I'm going to IOP...again! I can't go too much, really. I love it there.) We are staying in a big, pretty house, and will no doubt be getting some sun, eating lots of seafood, and perhaps dancing the night away with this guy. We've collectively decided that it isn't quite a bachelorette party without him. 

Gotta get close with our bicycles again. James and I want to take more bike rides this fall -- we live right in town, so really there shouldn't be any excuse why we don't buzz around town on our bikes. The cool weather would be a bonus here, too. Also, isn't that bike with the built-in picnic trunk the best?  

Tonight my friend Natasha and I are taking a letterpress class with Smokey Road Press in town (another item I can cross off the summer bucket list -- yay!). It's the "Paper and Pork" class, which I find both amusing and genius. We learn letterpress, then go next door to Pulaski Heights BBQ for dinner afterwards. I've wanted to learn letterpress forever now, and I'm super excited to meet Margot and see her studio. I'll be Instagramming the heck out of tonight. Truth. 

I hope you all have a great weekend, and have a few fun things planned for this month, too. It's practically fall -- can you guys believe it?


Image credits: flask bracelet by Cynthia Rowley // Drive-in movie photos by Katie Lamb // Wedding photo via Sandra Henri via Green Wedding Shoes // Girls photo via They Roared Vintage // Bicycle by Moynat // Letterpress K via Stampington and Company

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