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September 18, 2013

My Grandmother's Matchbook Collection

My grandmother has been giving me some of her treasures over the last couple of years, and the latest gift she's given me is her matchbook collection. She and my grandfather would keep one from practically every place they visited, and in their retirement years, they were quite the travelers. There are matchbooks from New York, Vegas, Chicago, Canada, Hawaii and a bunch from coastal Georgia and Florida. And of course, their are tons from Atlanta, their hometown (and mine). There's even one from the original Playboy club in Chicago (hmm, I really don't peg my grandparents as Playboy customers, but who knows? Remind me to ask my grandmother about that later.) As a kid, I would dump the whole jar out on the floor and look through all of the designs, colors and little pictures of restaurants, hotels and cocktail lounges. I love the smell of matches you get when you spill them out all over the floor, too. It's one of my favorite smells.

I haven't looked through them in a long time, so I decided to dump out the collection like old times. Of course, as an adult (and crazy "Mad Men" fan), I have a whole new appreciation for these retro matchbooks with all of their tiny drawings, fonts and other images. I especially love my grandmother's Atlanta matchbooks -- so many of these places are long gone, but a few are still around. Also, anyone else remember Mary Mac's? When that place went out of business, I almost cried. Their fried green tomato sandwich was the bomb. And I loved their kitschy decorations, too. Oh well, now I have a matchbook with their logo so I'll never forget them. 

Take a peek inside my grandmother's collection! I took snapshots of my faves:

Another sweet collection for the Kilgore household! Now, where am I going to put this big ol' jar of matchbooks...

Ed Note: I was thinking of Agnes and Muriel's above re: fried green tomato sandwich -- not Mary Mac's! We just went to Mary Mac's for my brother's birthday a month ago. Doh. But I do miss some Agnes and Muriels, you guys...


  1. The midtown Mary Macs location is still open ;) And still tasty!

    Love these matchbooks!

    1. Ok, I was totally thinking of Agnes and Muriel's...we just went to Mary Mac's for my brother's birthday dinner! (Duh). I'm out of the Atlanta loop, obviously... ;)

  2. What a cool collection to have!


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