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September 3, 2013

Bits & Pieces via Instagram

What we've been up to lately according to my Instagram feed:
  1. Labor Day treasure hunting at Ian Henderson's Antique Mall in Monroe, Georgia
  2. My better half at Sullivan's on Isle of Palms
  3. B knowing that sometimes I need a break with a good kitty snuggle
  4. Our red and black, feathery spirit wreath, hanging on our front door
  5. B, sunning on the stairs
  6. My new framed Instagram print (by my friend, Kimberly) from the MyAthens show
  7. Date night when we saw "The Spectacular Now" at Cine in Athens (a great movie!)
  8. My friend Alexa's summer soiree spread -- pretty perfect, right?

Hi, just checking in from the whirlwind that is my life right now (in a good way). We had quite an eventful Labor Day weekend -- last Friday night we drove to Atlanta to meet some friends at The 57th Fighter Club Restaurant for dinner...and took a biplane ride over the city. (!) James bought the two of us tickets for our anniversary in May, and since the item needed to be crossed off the bucket list (and I'm all about sticking to bucket lists), we booked a flight at the very last minute and peer pressured asked our friends Shari and Sean to join us. I have to admit, while I was so nervous at first, it was an amazing experience that I wouldn't take back for the world. The ride was smooth, and our pilot was really nice and confident (an important trait in a pilot, right?) -- all of which put me at ease. I want to post some pictures here today or tomorrow of our flight. Also? Atlanta is real pretty from the air. 

On Saturday our friends Heather and Noah drove to Athens to visit us, and we stopped by the Terrapin Brewery in town before the football game (crossing another item off the summer bucket list). Although our team didn't win, we had a good time watching downtown in a bar with other Bulldog fans...and I may have eaten a corn dog. And it was the best corn dog ever. 

James and I spent Labor Day treasure hunting. I found a few great treasures -- a small cloche for 10 bones, a huge letterpress "K" and two 16 x 20 framed veggie prints for our dining nook. I just absolutely love them:

I hope you guys have a great Tuesday! 

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