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September 23, 2013

A little getaway to my favorite place...

Sorry for the radio silence around here -- I feel like I'm saying that a little too much lately. But I was working overtime last week so I could join my friends for a little girls' getaway and Amy's bachelorette party over a long weekend (priorities!) We stayed in the most beautiful house on Isle of Palms that had a picturesque pool and this little gem. Talk about a dream home. (Also, where can I hang a hammock on my back porch? Hmm.)

One night we trekked over to Charleston for dinner at High Cotton and a little night on the town. Of course, we dragged Juan v.3.0 out and about, who is always a big hit. We met a group of older ladies in their 50s want a photo with him, (!) among other folks. Also, his femme stems and wobbly body make him a great dance partner. 

What a fun weekend -- I love these girls. Since we live all over the place now, it's hard to get together, so I treasure the times we have -- they make me so happy! We missed the ladies from our group who couldn't be there, but I'm looking forward to Amy's wedding next month when all of us (hopefully!) can be reunited again and have some more fun together. There's nothing quite like a good group of girlfriends. They are the absolute best.

Now it's back to life at home in Athens. I'm looking forward to settling down a bit this week, getting back to work and paying attention to this blog a little more -- because it's such a positive, sunny space for me. Also, I'm getting really excited about my upcoming craft shows that are happening this fall. I just received my packet in the mail for the Oconee Fall Festival, happening October 19...(the day after I turn 30! Oy. This birthday and the anxiety I feel about it is a blog topic for another day for sure. Encouraging words...and eye rolls? welcome. Truthfully, I've felt icky about every birthday after 27 -- I know it might be silly, but it's true. Does anyone else feel this way about birthdays? Just me? Blarg.) 

But back to my shows. I mentioned before that I'll have a bigger booth, and therefore, I'll have to fill it with more goodies! A few prototypes for rubber stamps arrived over the weekend, and I'm super pleased with them. I'm hoping to add them and a few other whimsies to the shop this week and share them here, too. 

Until then...have a great Monday! I hope you have a great start to your week...

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